Last Laugh Looney Party Branson Negotiations

During the 2017 General Election campaign, Sir Richard Branson had become increasingly concerned about the Labour Party proposals to re-nationalise the railways.    Nor was it at all clear what impact HS2 would have on his railway franchise.    Another big concern affecting his businesses was the continued uncertainty about the future of Heathrow Airport.     All of this meant that the share value of his businesses had a difficult outlook.

Now that Sir Richard was getting on a bit, he decided to throw his lot in with the Last Laugh Looney Party and in exchange for managing the newly acquired LLLP Cunard Liners, he agreed to transfer his Nekka Island haven to the Last Laugh Looney Island Republic.    All on condition that he could keep his planes and trains to play with.

Sir Richard agreed to become the LLLP Publicity Minister and Daft Stunts Champion.   A trip to the moon on Sir Richard’s new plane will be first prize in the LLLP Remarkable Older People Awards.



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3 Responses to Last Laugh Looney Party Branson Negotiations

  1. davidwfreeman237 says:

    How does the song go? ”Fly to the moon——–?????” all by was it Frank in his day, Richard but was a boy then, and not even a ‘VIRGIN’! Poor lad.
    AS too the train sets, that naught left wing Union party encouraged by the political left ‘Mr Corbyn’ wish to be as you note the ‘Fat Cotroller’ back to the days of Steam! and a pristine shunting engine such as Thomas_ Alas Thomas is written by the REv, Audrey? and a man of the cloth, the only cloth the left have is the ‘Red Flag flying high’! So as Rev Aurdrey do the Left believe they are God, or even creatures of ‘GoD’???
    Boris has a lot to say about heathrow, and the European Union and the politics of where shall a nation fly from, and in which airline is today fruaght with ”wishes”. of who and whom we travel with, and where and what country we fly internationally from too. Are we the UK a HUB Or A Spoke? All I can say as I grow older the joys of flying become less.[ walking miles from departure to the aircraft, through the process of immigation and passport control, and the security- dropping one pants as one belt and shoes are whizzed through some fangled machine- and landing again the repeat of endlass walking, and then the the fracas of taxis’ transport, back to home , peace and quiet, and tranquility!!
    The LLLP offer Richard quite a few options, he gated Island community, buffons to converse with, even the odd baboon in Gibralta., and again that trip to the moon to see all the stars in the heavens, and of course in the LLLP REpublic we need our campaigns, and Richard could leans us in a way that we may understand our POLITICIANs of the day, and if Richard reaches space and the moon, may be the Last Laugh Looney Party is not a Party or beliefs ‘In Vain’ maybe we all have hope???
    By the way my train set would be a Marklin-TWIN TRIX Hornby Double O or a Triang, all electric off couse, feeling the joys of a 12 or 15 current tickle as a relalein a derailed engine of coach or wagon? any higher voltage and I would be seeling my ‘GOD?’ who or whom ever he may be..
    PS does the LLLP wish to have on its island republic, a large international airport, I was thinking more of an aerdrome and a combined sea port for private jets and seaplanes- but then the LLLP represent us all, so why not have an imported Tropical beach, with a private Lido at Heathrow Airport, so show the world how we all should live in our Last laugh looney party Republic!!!

  2. davidwfreeman237 says:

    foot note. In my dim and distant past while I was an surveyor of passenger ships and boats attached to the London distict, I had one day to recall being asked to survey a wooden ‘snibbie” ex seign netter fishing boat, which had been converted into a party boats by the then Richard, before his days as Virgin Records. Richard ran the boat between Richmond and Runnetmeade as a disco party boat. SO the LLLP have in richard a messiah of music, to allow us to pass through the pearly gates with noise and ver vaveh.
    What a Republic, one does not now who is on ones side, and as for a politician we offer a prayer, or two- Come and Join Us, come and join us as the ‘Sally arrmy band’ would play as they marched up and down in the piazza square of the LLLP Repulbic.
    By the way any donations of money, or even abuse please send to the website Smiles and Grumbles John Graham- Please do not cross your cheques, we we share out the proceeds evenly to the Last Last Loney Party Republic, thought Police department. Ps we wish for your out of date £5 notes and soon the old £1 coins.

  3. davidwfreeman237 says:

    An intriguing fact into party boats on rivers, in the tidal and non tidal streches, in the 80’s was that land based entretainment disco’s were subject to local law regulations under the Noise Abatement Acts, and noise how ever produced had to be within reason, for the adjoining community, otherwise the Police invoking local coucil by laws could prosecute, and or shut down the venue.
    A party boat on a river was, is, a different prospect, and as it is a moving target/venue and to whom is is it a nuisence? And regulations were more easily negotiated with respect to ‘revellery’ and joyous sound levels.
    So in the LLLP REpublic, do we have noise abatement acts, I would only sugest for politicians while on the ‘STUMP’ in a public place, or on TV and the radio, all broadcasts should be muted, so that we listen cheifly to ourselves???

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