Last Laugh Looney Party Maritime Negotiations

After being unsettled by the difficulty of the Brexit negotiations, many older people took to the sea.    Cruising has became more popular than ever.    But so has the popularity of the Last Laugh Looney Party amongst older people.

A surprising development came about when all the Cunard Liner passengers, most of whom are elderly, decided to mutiny and join the Last Laugh Looney Party Island Republic.     Henceforth, the ships will sail from the Channel Islands and provide a ferry service to the Isle of Wight, Scilly Islands, Anglesey, Isle of Man and all the Scottish islands.     Warmer destinations will include Monaco and the Canary Islands.     The more adventerous will be able to sail to the Falkland Islands.

David Freeman has now been appointed as Admiral of the Fleet.



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2 Responses to Last Laugh Looney Party Maritime Negotiations

  1. davidwfreeman237 says:

    as I sit besides my sea going empire, and view the ships of the LLLPRepublic, sailing in convoy on the peasholme park lake in Scarbough-renacting the ‘battle of the River Platte’, I stand in my Admirals Garb [Dependent on the days weather and the season] In Blues with scramble egg on the cap, laplel epilettes dripping in gold braid, and off course white gloves, if the sun is shining and it is before 16.00 (tea and tiffin } in my whites, long trousers., After tea and tiffin, to impress the natives I wear my whites shorts and long socks- to display my nobbly knees to those young ladies who faint at the sight of a man in uniform with hairly legs, and then in the evening in my whites monkey siute, as the”select’ hawian steel guitar band play music of some far off tropical island, and I dance around with some dusky maiden(s), to some old victor sylvester tune/rhythm..
    When all is finished at the display at the LLLP Republic flotia show, I wish everyone good night in my battledress uniform, and then I put away my gold braide and put on my brown boiler suit, and put a broom up my posterioral orifce, and clean the place up. If every you wish to come to the LLLP Republic, one has to remember to ‘volunteer’ it is cleansing and good for the soul. We are ”all for one and one for all” in the LLLP Republic.

  2. davidwfreeman237 says:

    HOGWASH one may say??? But it is my ‘Hogwash’ deary???

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