New Pill Cure-All

My now famous pill popping character, Pilly Galore is at last beginning to influence national policy 😀.    This must be clear evidence that those nice people at NICE – the National Institute for Cancelling Everything – are reading my blogs about Pilly’s exploits.

A report in The Daily Mail on Thursday 22nd August again highlights that “One in 5 pensioners pop 7 pills every day”. This is not news to Pilly and her GP – Doctor Astro Glax in fact they think it grossly understates the pill tsunami that has overtaken the elderly population.    It is hardly surprising when GP’s are paid more for every pill they prescribe and when pharmacies earn more for every pill they sell! There are no incentives to get people off pills quite the reverse.   Pilly is only happy if she gets a new pill each time she sees her superhero Doctor.

There is some good news the very next day, this time on the front page of the Daily Mail – the headline proclaims – “ Four-in-one pill that slashes heart risk “.    It is a study suggesting that a pill combining aspirin, statins and two blood pressure lowering pills could reduce heart attacks and strokes by a third.   It could be given to MILLIONS of older people.

  All in a single pill which is an idea pinched from Milly’s blog and the cartoon below.

You can see all of my earlier blogs on Milly by clicking on Pills in the Tag Cloud.


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4 Responses to New Pill Cure-All

  1. ah! an old friend I see is back? Welcome ‘Pilly Galore’. I am unsure in the sketch of you, and that last image of that consolidated ‘pill’? It brings the naughtiness out in me and the image of a ‘Phallic’ symbol, as one might say, -‘we can all get stuff’ on the diet of pills our politicians utterances and that friendly media press ‘The Daily Mail ‘ maybe suggesting? We all go to hell in a handcart???
    However us oldies, are the friendly lot, and vote consistently for common sense: i trust? So do we have a message of hope to read from our own LLLP candidate?
    Just a note = I hope we all take our medicines in moderation?-, and survive until tomorrow, when we are able to listen to our westminster politicians, and read the editors comments, and off course the headlines in the media, and those pictures on the telly news? Again we must all pay for a TV licence and the diet of good tidings that the elected elite wish us to eat, dink and absorb? Keep taking the pills!!!
    Are we like the fish from Harry Ramsdens, well battered and well cooked?? Frizzled up like a bowl of dried prunes?/ You know what they are good for?? As the toilet paper says ”now please wash your hands”- a saying by ‘IZAL’.

    • On the theme of ‘new pill – cure all’? I just wonder if like me you contemplate ones nael from time to time?
      My car is becoming older at a 14 plate? and I ask the question[s] do i run it into the ground like me? and we go out of this world together, or do I get a ”-NEWER Younger Model-”, answers on a postcard please to the usual address.
      While perusing, the press, the TV and garage forecourts, what is the questions I ask of my self, with respect to a new car?
      I start by the looks. must it have a fold down roof, must it be flashy and a bird catcher? Must it have the new fancy controlled gadgets, lights, music centre, computer and sat Nav? must it have room or space for MOLLY and I in comfort, alone, or escorted or accompanied by family and friends, or again must it have acceleration and engine performance to whow!! other road users, and outrun PC Plod?.
      Is it to have a large luggage space [Boot] so I can go on the many holidays I wish to enjoy in the UK and Europe, with all our accouterments and personal belongings? I dream on, is it a ford, toyota, Kia, Rover-land rover- cross country chelsea tractor, or, jaguar, citeron, VW, audi, Rolls or Bentley, lagonda, or a Ferrari, or some other exotic marque of a car? My dreams are just that! reality is my pocket, and what Suits me? As an oldy it is just to have a comfortable ride in a car with space, where one gets into a car- without climbing up/Or dropping down into a pit, and getting out after a long journey is a pleasure and a matter of stepping out of the car gracefully.
      What is my choice, a pleasant trip, a comfortable ride, economic on fuel, and reliable, it is all personal to me?? What would you choose?? Answers on a postcard please. The colour of the outside of the car, and internals something hard wearing like me, Sky blue Pink with yellow dots on!! and a real tiger skin covered seats? I am a CAT Lover? PURR!!! I am ready to go!

  2. nael should read ”navel”

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