Redefine Red Wine As Medicine!

Some extremely good news today in the Journal of Gastroenterology, which in future should be compulsory reading in every GP’s surgery.

A research study done at King’s College London of the drinking habits of 3,000 people, found that red wine drinkers have better gut balance between bad and good gut bacteria.      Well my balance has never been good so a few more glasses of the Red wouldn’t go amiss.

Even better they had lower cholesterol and were less likely to be obese.    I could do with losing a  couple of pounds or stones, so I ought to do some serious work on my gut microbiota.    I could get really serious about this healthy living thing thanks to these researchers.

So so now I am off down to The Red Lion to stock up on my polyphenols.   Then I will go straight to my GP surgery to see if I can get a bottle of 1981 Chateauneuf du Pape on prescription.

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3 Responses to Redefine Red Wine As Medicine!

  1. You ! You!! baldy haired old coot? what is this your dreaming up, now?? REd wine for the masses, my pension will only stretch to a cheap bottle of ‘plonk’ red or white, from the shelves of the local supermarket, and then those brands on offer!.
    Morrisons, Asda, Sainsburys, Lidal, Aldis, CO-OP, Spar, and some more, give one a chance to exchange those hard earned ‘pension pennies’ for the brew of desire. I am not into mothers ruin, whiskey -in all its guises- malt or otherwise? Rum., brandy’s, aquavit, and many more?
    I just sit down now with my memories of drinking as a youngster and reminiscing in what I enjoyed.
    As an apprentice my tipple was a ‘black velvet’ not for the cognisor {champers and port? was it}, but a friendly Guinness topped off with cider {and not scrumpy} . May be a pint of John Smiths Taddy Ales, or was that Sam Smiths of Tadcaster, not for getting Tetleys BItter.
    Today in my quiet moments I take my time and drink a pint of shandy in the bar of my choice: I am partial to that ‘Doombar’ beer. shandy, and then no more that 2 pints otherwise at my age I feel sckiffey, and rather unsteady, and have trouble with percy?
    All this research into plonk? I just wonder what the NHS Liver transplant department are offering as a life saver to us oldies, or do that just say ”Its all in a bottle”?? and that’s the one in ones living room or lounge where one puts ones loose change to pay out for that unexpected emergency, or day of fun???
    Answers on a post card please to the usual address.

  2. Housing criss elderly
    Dear John, how are you feeling? Well I trust! I watched a most intriguing television programme broadcast tonight on Channel 4 at 20.00 hours- Housing Crisis- The elderly?
    Here the programmed backed by Aston University visited residents, who were elderly, single, couple, living in various types of accommodation?
    Some were now 70+ living in their family homes, with various losses of mobility, and their perception of loneliness, and utter dependency on support workers, for to day to day sanitation and living concerns such as housework, laundry, cooking and shopping, never mind the treats in life such as a visit by a hairdresser, and a delivery of a newspaper or TV magazine.
    It has to be a social in-depth joint solution to life in ones 75+ age groups. The television programme highlighted the in built benefits of living in a Retirement Village, of which the model discussed was that managed and run, and a concept followed developed by the Extracare Charitable Trust: That once was you John as the original CEO. There are as indicated financial considerations to be taken, very seriously, and the programme, if one was not enlighten was negative about the invested money in a property, and the fact of selling back to the charity for the original price paid, and not the as possible free market price (the programme emphasising increase in property market prices: not down turns?). One is free and no pressure is applied to purchase- It is a free and voluntary choice.
    AS a resident which was not stressed enough was the dream of social support, intercourse, and companionship that the typical retirement village brings, is not a dream, but a way of life!! However when one reaches retirement and pensionable living, as per the state pensionable age, one than at 68 has to seriously review what life one wishes/not the style of living, but the reality of living, and seriously look deep into ones mind, and ones partners/spouses Mind, and just look not at what one can achieve with available monies that one may have on the day of retirement, and enjoy to the full, but in reality review the possibilities, of life at 80+, and make that decision to be confident that while life is for living, if one did the sums of living in a retirement village, with the waiting lists of prospective residents, one can make choices for that later life:- Rather than wait for fate to deliver a ‘hand’ where one at 80+ one has to look at life, which under circumstance maybe a bitter choice, of acceptance of ones own destiny/fate?
    One has a choice in life, like a vote? Be wise, be an adult, not a gambler, in a prison.
    The general warning one is told, ‘’living in a retirement village ‘’ is nor for all?? :- However it takes some beating.

  3. One of the most encouraging things of living in a retirement village, as the Channel 4 TV programme explained in its for’s and against’s, and maybe not fully appreciated by the elderly viewers, is that of age profile of a typical retirement village.
    The programme leaned on the side of the very elderly 78+ and the help and support they may receive, from the domiciliary care team. To an outsider this is a plus, to the elderly resident concerned this is a plus: However what one has to understand and support the retirement village management in achieving is a mix, vibrant age group, with mixed mobility problems, with a majority average age group of residents able to join in activities of their personal choice, and then actively volunteer to help the village provide the support for the majority of residents, and those less mobile, such as helpers, in the cafe, bar, restaurant, gym, reception desk, and some of the activities such as residents association, card making, knitting and card evenings, or afternoon [bridge,crib and whist]. Delivery of village newsletters, and collating and publishing information newsletters, documents ETc., and any activity of choice?
    What cannot happen is the encouragement of just the elderly 78+’s just to wish to become a resident in a retirement village, and then the retirement village become a place where it is full of widowers, spinsters of average age greater than 80+ with no co-habitting partners, i.e. a residential home for the elderly, with limited life expectancy state of mind, with non of the younger 68+ age group element, who help by bringing new ideas and life into the retirement village that we may all desire?
    This maybe a bigoted point of view, I have no apologies. I fear the Channel 4 TV programme may be promoting the idea of the elderly in a convenient centre, with care, while their prior housing stock is for the younger working population!! It is an emotional view point, and I believe if we all have the opportunity to grow old as a social group, of a mixed age group this is of immense benefit to all, and encourages the individual to become involved in the social group. This is a deep thought as isolation in ones personal life may be an objective or an aim, while in a period of hardship or upset, there may be a need to seek support, and I have yet to find the machine that can offer, kindness, support with empathy, and warmth of the human heart.
    We all are born as humans, not machines.???

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