£Trillion – Give it all back

All of my earlier ideas for how older people could use the accumulated wealth in all their assets, have been directed at raising the profile of older people in society.    At the moment they are too often forgotten or wished away, or worst of all, ignored completely.

In the next couple of decades, the population of older people in the UK is set to double.  This will be a massive problem unless attitudes towards older people and by older people themselves in society change dramatically.    Greater longevity inevitably leads to bigger demands on the health service and it is essential that we gear up for this, rather than regarding older people as “bed blockers” and a burden on society.

It’s also vital that everywhere and everything becomes much more accessible and age friendly.    Currently the rapid advance of technology is leaving far too many people behind.  Local shops, post offices and banks are all closing.    More and more services are going online.    This is the reverse of what needs to happen but I don’t mean that we turn technology back.    A key thing to do is to make technology much more easy to use for older people.

One way of doing this is for older people themselves to take a lead with a “GIVE IT ALL BACK CAMPAIGN”.    This initiative would invest in projects which make life easier for older people but could also be used by everybody else in society.

Older people are already the backbone of many voluntary organisations, where they give their time freely for a charitable endeavour.    Now they could use their new found £Trillions by donating to charities doing research into a variety of medical conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease, hearing and sight loss, mobility etc.

It should not only be things that go directly to older people.    The “GIVE BACK CAMPAIGN” should support intergenerational projects, linking the wisdom of older people with the needs of the younger generation.    Socialising and communicating skills could be shared with a younger generation whose best friend is an iPhone.    The other side of the coin is that young people could teach older people how to use modern technology.

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2 Responses to £Trillion – Give it all back

  1. ‘shiver me timbers” or is it ”’ rivetting” lIke the invisible defence of the UK, and ‘how we as a nation built ships to defend the nation and the freedom of the ”Severn Sea” from the acorn for a wooded ship, or from the steel, coal mining and shipyards Towns of Great Britain and Northern Island..
    It was not a dream, and still we may be on the back foot: however the future is ours to live? and make that modern dream a reality.

  2. Elderly
    What a £Trillion-give it back questions this Dear John’s memorandum raises in my mind? We have just recently as the older population, voting citizens of the UK voted in Boris Johnson [BODJ] and the Conservative party to be our UK Government?
    AS the Older society we have limited assets and a fixed income, and as such we unlike the younger generation [unless we are rich in asset’s, and lots of money invested in shares and stocks, or land], do not have both the health or working life, and life expectancy to invest in the future, and enjoy the rewards!
    We are left with as things are today, and I see the danger of BODJ selling us down the river and denuding us what we have personally achieved as gaols in our own personal lives.
    WE need the ideals of fairness and compassion, and a modicum of appropriate budgeting, from the government of the day investing in its working and younger population, to ensure we have our enter-pruners of the future, and encouraging those persons and organisations/companies-both home bred and international, that the UK is a country worthy of investment, in both time people and monies.
    As an oldie myself I am limited as to what I can add, I have to be careful, my future expectancy is my vote, and that dream of a safe and secure tomorrow. I have to be careful how I look after my personal health and be wise, and yet I rely on the knowledge and hope with social services and the UK National Health Service, I will be supported in a case of unforeseen emergency.
    What it is I am postulating is that I trust and hope having worked and lived an honest and fairly simple life providing for my immediate family, I will in my golden years be able to dream and relax a little from the day chores of every day life, and that I may help others in my position, and the very young with my commodity, that is time and volunteering to do that odd job favour, just for the reward of a smile!!! However Volunteering as I believe must be within my gift, of health, and ability and not a chore, or demanding order.

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