Bodj’s Wall.

Bodj has been really racking his brains thinking about his Grand Plan for defeating climate change. It is quite clear to him that all the other world leaders are not grasping the nettle. They are just not as bold as Bodj.

He hasn’t got the whole solution yet, but incase nothing much comes out of the Glasgow conference, he needs a Plan B. And that’s when it came to him —— he will build a Lasting monument to his genius —— a BORIS WALL.

After all the Chinese had one and the Russians built one in Berlin and even next President Trump was building a chainlink fence.

This could be the answer to two of the biggest issues facing Bodj —— rising sea levels and mass immigration. Britain has a 19,491 mile long coastline only half of which is protected by cliffs, which leaves about 10,000 miles where the sea could pour in if sea levels continue to rise. A 10 meter high Boris Wall would be a life jacket around Britain.

The spendthrift chancellor Rushi-got-no-money has spent all the cash on Coronapop. But Bodj has thought of that and here is the second part of the plan. The Home Secretary, Pretty Usless needs to turn her coast guard boats around and fetch more immigrants over the channel. The only qualifying test will be can they lift big stones.

They will be granted British Citizenship automatically after the have lifted 10,000 big stones. The stones will be quarried from Ben Nevis, which is expected to be only 500 feet high when the wall is finished. So Snowden will then be the highest mountain in Great Britain, which is all part of Bodj’s plan to level up Britain.

This is all a throw back from Bodj’s student days at Oxford when he vaguely remembers smoking one of those funny cigarettes and listening to Pink Floyd ——-

“We don’t need no education, we don’t need no thought control,

all in all it’s just another brick in the wall.”

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4 Responses to Bodj’s Wall.

  1. Wallbodj
    Education, thoughts, where are we??? Rt. Mr Gove, MP is not in the media, as BODJ thought process, and most learned colleague as a yes Man!!! It is a Balls up? Just a load of queers, ranting on in the Palace of Westminster???
    This process of an all encompassing wall around ‘Britain’; What is it for?? I do not think it is to keep the water and immigrants and Ulster Voters out of Britain, but to encapsulate the novel ideas of the Welsh Parliament, and again looking over ‘Harridans’ Wall, m/s Nicola Sturgeon, SMP locked in Edinburg and Scotland, calming the voters north of the boarder with monies from the seawall being discussed/alleged by Boris to keep the unclean and the tide out? At a loss, or should I say expecting as a donation of Granite, which is expected from the quarries of Ben Nevis, being cracked by the Scottish natives from maybe ‘BARLINNIE’ with a contingent from various British Retreats of the criminal fraternity.
    No one person has suggested planting of more ‘Oak’ , Scots Pine, or a welsh bush, and lots of Irish Shamrock { Which incidentally may like the water], so we are Not very unified in our ‘’green thinking’’ other that being ‘seasick as we cross the North Sea, and English channel to those foreign shores of The EU, not forgetting those shores across the Irish Sea.
    What a load of cobblers!!! It is wonderful to Challenge the LLLP and its chairman- But Hey wait a minute now we have common sense- ‘The Puffing Billy’, ‘The Rocket and the Streaks’- Great steam railway locomotives? According to academia in the media today they are as steam engines Puffing smoke and hissing steam responsible for the ‘SLAVE TRADE’??? Be careful how one answers, one must not be ‘’COLOURED’’ by the hard and honest work to keep them going, but by the attitude of mind, not how they provided a service to this nation and the world? But now accused and responsible for enslaving past citezens of this world , without a conscious for what is fair and right??
    I ask, where are we going? Please can we have some common sense? I understand on this evening’s media BODJ is in a House Of Sleaze, not conscious and rightful actions with an open debate.
    Please sir can we have an election???

  2. Puffhisssteam
    What am I? Am I off my ‘’Rocker’’, as I sit and dream sat on my balcony in my rocking chair, at my gentle age of 79!
    Question for you as a reader: Black, coloured, white, Asiatic, Eurasian, American [north or south], African, European, or of Middle Eastern descent. What is ‘’WOKE,’’ I ask politely?
    As I dream of the past and past history what view’s do I pass on to my children, grand and great grand children, and then about what? How do I relate to the past? The action’s of One’s family and the actions of past nations and the citizens of the world, or just UK Politics/regulations etc. of today, or should I say of the present time??? I just wonder who has the answers. Or should I say all the answers and solutions.
    At 79 I wonder if it depends greatly upon your/ones personal views of where one comes from? There again what are ones/your/our ancestors responsible for? Is it the immediate or preceding generations’? Or ones remote and long distant relatives of centauries long ago; Now Considering today if everything in ones language is still coloured, and ‘’WOKE’’ Resistant, or are we all inflamed and red eyed with anger?
    As I rock in my rocking chair, tilting backwards and forwards: I just wonder what is becoming of this world of ours? There appears no correct one belief that fits all for living life such as religion/creed, political beliefs or social behaviour, between all nations of this world, taking into consideration compassion, respect and humility between each of us.

  3. the daily rag ‘mail’ reports on the ongoing story of ‘WOKE’ within the Yorkshire Cricket team, and the alleged in team/spectator comments of colour prejudice? Yesterday it reported that up to 1992 one had to be Yorkshire born and bred to play for the Yorkshire County Cricket team?
    I just wonder the future of locally supported sports teams professional and amateur within the UK Nation, with all the immigrants who protest ‘WOKE’, and yet all appear to make every effort to become a citizen of the UK nation? are we Fair and compassionate, or full of prejudice in my later life having believed in freedom for all, and equality for all citizens of the UK for my adult life, now at 79 years of age what is to become of the UK, England Scotland Wales and Northern Ireland, are we a nation within Europe or to become a remote centre of excellence for the ”WOKE” WORLD, with in built grudges allegedly due to our history, and past generations.
    What do the generations of todays ‘WOKE’ request, a United Nations of a country in the geographical lands of the United Kingdom/Great Britain. Please what do they believe in???
    It is provocative, but then according to the ‘WOKE’ Society is the History of the Modern Britain??
    Answers on a postcard please.
    ps I am a Lancastrian, so I cannot/could not play cricket for Yorkshire, unless in modern times requested, or good enough to field, bowl or bat.

  4. I Wonder, is it a ‘googly’ or a ‘boogie’ that this LLLP deliver as one reads in retrospect the comments above. ‘HOWS THAT?’ i hear you cry as a ‘leg before wicket; protest, and the Umpire what is his verdict?? Finger in the air! we all wait with baited breath as he takes his hankie out of his pocket, blows his nose and looks at the result and whispers to him self ”’IT Is a GREEN BOOGIE”’ then in a loud voice says NOT OUT comes the verbal decision to all players. Great!!!!
    It is all in the game of and name of Cricket!!!

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