Stop it or Cop it.

The LAST LAUGH LOONEY PARTY is back just in time to join the Cop26 conference in Glasgow along with the other world leaders and Bodj.

It has been a while, but Prime Minister Bodj was doing such a great job doing daft things he didn’t need any help from the LLLP.

Hopeless Handcock has taken one for the PM and accepted he was responsible for all the mistakes with Coronapop. Shame Bodj forgot to mention the camera he had put in all his cabinet ministers offices so that he could keep an eye on things.

Gove who had a nothing post has been shuffled to Minister of Housing and Floods and wild Fires and tornadoes and snow and droughts and heat-waves. Oh and Scottish unity! That should keep him busy for a while.

Pretty Useless is fighting “them” on the beaches and on the high seas. She is moddeling her ideas on King Canute and declaring a success with every new tide.

Meanwhile Rushi-loads-of-money is spending all the money we haven’t got. He and Bodj are getting on like a house on fire.



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3 Responses to Stop it or Cop it.

  1. alasadir says:

    Glad to see you back John. Hope all ok with you.

  2. Well well well, we are all full of ‘GREENS’ giving us wind and a lot of belches, while we look on, at the ”COVERN OF PRICKS- is that 26 [COP-26] of them that matter? Or are there more than 26 COP’s to get a majority???
    It is all exciting they are on the news talking ‘methane emission’s’ a hot gas and a heated subject to debate! I just wonder where Methane is listed on the elements list? Is it before oxygen [8} and a gasp of fresh breath, or a higher number??? or maybe a lesser number, {less than 8] more lighter subject? Rather than a heavy overbearing and weighty subject to be discussed in earnest..
    BODJ, and Charlie Boy are in their element, expressing doom and gloom, before the conclusion of this COP-26 Summit Gathering.
    \i am excited what discussions go on for a week, when BODJ has scarpered off back to NO 10.
    PS the ‘ragamuffin society’ await the outcome of all this ‘HOT DEBATING’ Long live the LLLP.

  3. Well, well, again, the daily ‘media’, Glasgow full of green issues, and meaningful discussions, and yet again Westminster full of alledged sleazy, and washing one dirty linen in public-BODJ- has a lot to discuss as well as the Green ‘Issue’.
    Again Gentlemen , this time not with accompanying ladies? Or should I quote laddies? are not the sport for Yorkshire and TEST matches at Headingly? Quite a problem for a team of Gents, within a closed community, such as Yorkshire, or maybe I quote an army barracks, as an example where ones back depends on one colleagues, and the ribald comments are passed daily, and for or a matter internally, for the, may, I suggest very close community.
    Question-;;how do we all deal with guffore and alleged insults in a closed community, when one is accepted as part of the unit???
    Houston- we have a problem, are we men or mice???

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