Bodj’s New Rules

Prime Mister Bodj has almost singlehandedly beaten Coronapop. Well almost. Now he is hoping to have the same success in showing the world how to beat climate change.

However, he was unable to persuade the other world leaders at the Cop 26 conference to commit to anything other than Blah, Blah, Blah. A shame they are not as enlightened as our great leader !

Therefore, Bodj’s first move— Plan B — was clearly the right thing to do. Now his second step with Plan C is to increase the height of the sea defence Boris Wall to 20 meters to cope with the forecast rise in sea levels. Statues of Boris will be erected all along the wall to remind people who had this great idea. Bodj seemed to recall that King Canute had a similar idea of keeping back the tides, but he made the mistake of not building a wall.

Of course we will need a lot more immigrants to build the higher wall. The Home Secretary, Pretty Useless, has been instructed to send all our aircraft carriers to low lying islands like Barbados and the Maldives and other places that Bodj can’t remember and rescue all the people who can lift heavy stones. The Ben Nevis will eventually become a very very deep hole and be renamed Nichola’s Folly.

One thing nobody thought about was the rivers which will not be able to flow into the sea once the Boris Wall is finished. But Bodj has an answer for that we will make a virtue of the annual floods and turn them into paddy fields ( renamed Boris fields ). The Somerset Levels will become the largest rice producing area in Europe —- just another example of Bodj levelling up Britain.

It is going to get a lot hotter a soon Great Britain will be the Caribbean of the north.


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5 Responses to Bodj’s New Rules

  1. It is not getting hotter, if it is? it is by the exchange of hot air and bluster?

    Rt. Hon. Boris Johnson-PM- He has combed his hair, as stated he looks like a Political Ruffian, having achieved his goals, and now is resting as the EU become confused over their behaviour for CONOPOPS, throwing all their toys out of the pram, and threatening a total lockdown over Europe for the foreseeable future, and Christmas/New Year holiday period. No travel for us Brits into Europe for the beer festivals and Christmas fares, or even those New Year Alpine winter hols. We are all throwing snowballs at each other.
    Good job the LLLP have voted for BORIS to build a wall around the UK, and keep us all locked in. To be safe and yet secure? A more positive note it maybe to and directly curtail our joyous adventures around the world? OUR UK AIR travel industry is now a freight industry for goods and chattels, not the transport abroad of well meaning persons. WE have or our now building a wall, to surround this UK island of ours, so the shipping industry is now becoming redundant.
    While building our continuous sea wall are neighbours, are not forgot/ by the ragamuffin society of the LLLP, we need at each river /estuary crossing Guillotine Tidal gates, to allow BODJ parliamentarians/shareholders to allow the ‘slush and detritus’ from the sewage works in the UK be discharged into the seas around our coast, so the shareholders make their monies, while the government grants are channelled into the sea wall. The guillotine gates have a secondary purpose of deigning entry by raft , or water bound craft from our EU Neighbours, by the alleged illegal unclean.
    ‘’BORIS FIELDS’’ these are WOKE not PADDY FIELDS or Cricket PITCHES, as I write, who is a lady or gentleman? Those in Parliament either the LORDS or COMMONS, and again is our new leader by election by the Commons a person called ‘’THE SPEAKER’’ or are all of them speaking as our brothers and sisters with ‘FORKED TOUNGE’ as OUR almighty Chief Bodj claimed in the weekend media.
    BY the way is the alphabet as per that in the English dictionary with PLAN C, or are we STRICTLY COME DANCING, and in the Dance off waiting for the Judge’s ruling?? Does BODJ get the final vote if the opinion/decision is undecided?

  2. hello, question am i thinking and writing in plain english? We have this week in the daily press, binary theory, then ‘woke’, and then trans=sexual definitions/discussions. I am total confused, and wonder what we are teaching our younger generation, for example is there;-
    1/ a right or wrong, in what ever we think or act?
    2/- is there/are there only 2 sexes-male and female { How do we reproduce the species?]
    3/- when we have a composite group, of any societal mix[music/literature/achievement] do we need to be broader minded than just male or female or woke if colour, class and creed are to be considered.
    That is my first question[s]
    My second concern is BODJ and the media, they are adrift with negligence of providing employment for those living in the North of the UK. This is maybe true, and we need entrepreneurs
    to provide mass employment for those persons not able to work in the south of england in the finance and money markets situated in London? The danger here is BODJ and parliaments concern, and to have faith and encourage the money markets to invest in the north of england labour markets, leading with a wider educational programme for the population to enable them to be more sensitive and adaptable to new employment concerns/opportunities, without the necessity to move families to the south of england.
    Basically BODJ has to appeal to all of us and be of a fair and open minded political policies that benefits us all.
    But there again is it the duty of the last Laugh Loonie Party, and its ‘Ragamuffins, to make such statements?.
    As I say or the LLLP say is it all black and white, or tinged with a little colour???

  3. Well its a friday, and the media/press Mail are quietly in their sports pages, commenting upon the forthcoming test! However I am apprehensive, the game has been destroyed in my mind by the affair of discussions on the subject of racism with the Parliamentary Select committee some days ago.
    As to the solution I await what the supporters may wish to see in total support of their team, respectfully without prejudices of ideals, and personal beliefs, to the benefit of the Game, as a SPORT open to all persons male/female/transgender/ colour and creed.
    Maybe this is a vison too far??? without considered divisions?

  4. Sundaytmail
    Just reading quietly this Sunday rag: 2 pieces caught my eye.
    1/ Here Government woke and racism was focussed, and I note education was discussed at University entry level? The writer believed that British Universities should encourage more white school children from poorer social backgrounds to be offered University education? Question Life is a university and as one ages one becomes aware of the need to train our young, University is not the complete answer job opportunities and apprenticeships with further education, Education in later life may offer to help solve this solution, as by the time the young have achieved a working life, they have also the social and moral skills to work out what is maybe right or wrong? And be more prepared to vote in political national elections to achieve the future they may wish, rather than rely upon education alone and the thoughts of the mind, without the practicalities of life,

    2/ How green is ones country? Now the who ha! Has died down from the Glasgow Conference on a #GREEN WORLD# [almost as good as a variety show on the Glasgow Empire]. I note that This the Uk Government BODJ and Cohorts in Parliament are donating funds from the British Tax payer to sponser changes in towards helping our foreign friends and enemies change their attitude towards a GREENER world. I also notice that some Asiatic countries, who voted against some of the resolutions, but are shall we say affluent and influential, but not rich, are receiving grants from the UK for their internal socially political programmes, so we are in effect subsidising the world to become greener??? The politics and the problems of an independent UK nation, I fail to fully understand, The ideals are noble’ but how about survival and political independence,
    Another way maybe thorough ‘Rose Coloured SPECS’ is to ask politely who is giving the UK all this Bank overdraft, at the current low interest rate, and to whom are we indebted too, Are we a load of ‘SHYLOCKS’ as Dickens may have wrote, are we political aware without Morals and compassion as a nation??? Maybe the way forward is monies? but there again where is integrity, hard work and compassion for are fellow world citizens????

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