Bodj Housing solutions

These days Prime Master, almost King, soon to win a Nobel prize, Bodj has to do all the great thinking about Britain’s future by himself. His Cabinet seem incapable of doing anything to win over voters. They just keep upsetting people by not doing as they are told.

So Bodj decided to solve the housing crisis with another of his Great Ideas. Ferris wheel housing popped into Bodj’s head when he was playing around at Peppa Pig world.

Now renamed the “Boris totally unique housing wheel” , they can be manufactured in the Tyneside and Glasgow empty shipyards. Helping to level up The North and win over voters in Scotland by creating thousands of jobs.

The solution uses very little land and the housing can be located on the outskirts of all major cities. Carefully not upsetting all Bodj’s rural not-in-my-back-yard supporters. Bodj has promised 10 thousand new homes will be built this way before the next election with every home having superb views over the countryside at each turn of the wheel.

The Boris wheel will complete one rotation each day and stop for maintenance on Sundays. This means the inhabitants of the Boris wheel housing will need to work from home for most of the time as they can only get out one day a week and they will also have to home school their children. Thereby simultaneously saving on travel costs, energy bills and the need for new schools. Each wheel will be provided with one Boris electric car in a car-sharing scheme. Yet another Bodj Great Idea to reduce the number of cars on the road😀

As a final thought to give to the Nation Bodj decided he could top the new Boris sea wall with Boris Housing wheels all around the coast of Britain. This would provide another MILLION homes in the next ten years each with a sea view.


We are truly blessed to have Bodj as our Great Leader !

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5 Responses to Bodj Housing solutions

  1. Oh! My GOD! where one foot on the pedal, and all to see as we rise above the horizon to witness BIG BEN CHime in BODJ at the next election, wonderful??
    I just wonder where has sound thinking {Tony Blackburn’s music of the 60#s- and all that ;Rock and Roll Music?} gone> is. It all in the mind? On my Ferris wheel House, where is the BOG? do it stop for five minutes for one to contemplate ones future? Or is it all thrown out of the window, or flushed into a green-but dry LOO???
    For 5 minutes some sense from the LLLP, Dear JOHN, remember that letter from a loved one: I enjoy this mornings light relief from the current media’s doom and gloom? Last nights TV was at a high point of entertainment for me with ‘Strictly Come Dancing, Then back with vengeance to CORVID-19 and ;Casualty- not for one episode but another 2 to come before Christmas AHGGG! what are BORIS and the media trying to inform me about??? That the world is round and like a FERRIS WHEEL Life goes around in a perpetual circle.

  2. Rudolf, where for art thou? Eating grass, resting, contemplating ones navel? Ready for the onslaught of BODJ and his messages of JOY, such as the Party needs your donation, I need ones vote, and he is in the cynics chair, or is that the phycologists chair, chuntering away, and looking at his red nose, as it grows like Pinokeo’s? I wonder ? what next?

  3. Where are we going as a society? I ask politely, at 79years and a grand parent? Having read to day’s Daily Mail page23 report, by the Political Editor Daniel Martin.
    It is a reaction to alleged doctor’s warning questioning children’s sex identity. Now teachers of children at school [4-18 years of age], may face legal action.
    I am concerned as to how society will deal at school with these sexual problems, when the teachers for instance, give a child permission to attend a toilet [ which are boys/girls, not Unisex?], or organise a games session where the child has to physically change from school uniform/ Day wear into sport’s wear, is it done as a sexist collection of children-boy/girl in the common space? What are the toilet faculties-unisex/boys/girls or some other arrangement. Is the age of Puberty to be discriminatory for children? {How does one regulate against this, and is this aspect of health development [maturing into an adult] a very important factor. Further how do/does the educational authorities see the sports field and the games taking place? Do we have mixed sex teams? With the rough and tumble, of boyish behaviour integrated with respect for the female/girl’s body??
    There are many a question and persecuting our teachers is a difficult position to adopt, without our society and parliamentarians discussing and debating the matter, in the UK Parliaments of England/Scotland/Wales and Northern Ireland.
    With ‘WOKE’ and many an ethnic society within the UK of Nations: What are to be the final decisions to be, and how do we educate both society and our children?

    • With all this in mind! and the younger generation: What do we do as the older generation to lead our children into a better society? We have the Church Brigade/Scouting-Guiding Movement/ the red cross/ st john’s ambulance society/ youth clubs of many denomination/ and belonging to various ethnic societal groups/armed forces=cadet groups, and possibly many more?
      Who are we trying to help? The parents families of children who may not fit the strict title of ‘Boy/Girl; to bring their children into a fair and changing society, or the young child her/him self as they approach puberty? Or again those that have now become adults, and are the subject of societal gossip? It is a little more than tea and cakies in the kitchen with ‘AUNTIE’ WHAT DO YOU THINK?
      Answers on a postcard please to the usual address,

  4. Good morning all! this friday morning is full of joy and lockdowns, last years behavioural reports, allegedly at No 10.
    BODJ like a good scout master is having a ”Field day” with information, he and his cohorts of government can put in the public domain, for consideration by the great ‘UNWASHED’?
    It reminds me cynically of that war time [WWII} film thesis department ” THE OFFICE OFF MISS INFORMATION”???
    Are we the ”Great unwashed the enemy” I just wonder?? Question : Are we in fact ”bamboozled?”

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