Bodj Party

When Bodj first got into political parties, it was because he was interested in the parties, not the politics. The Conservatives seemed like the obvious group to join, because the had the best party’s.. The Bullingdon club was the booziest and they always dressed up for the occasion. That set the tone for Bodj’s future career. Fun first, ducking and diving next and courting popularity always.

Running London as its Mayor, was great fun, with Boris Bikes and garden bridges … and most of all the zip line at the Olympics.

Then along came the all-together more serious stuff – Brexit, which was still fun when Mrs Maybe/ Maybenot was the Prime Minister, but, it became more of a hassle when Bodj took over. Still he could always stick pins in Jeremy Corbit. Bodj’s popularity reached an all-time high point.

Only for Coronapop to spoil the party. Tough times were ahead and Bodj looked more frazzled as the days wore on. His every word was dissected and his every move was challenged. Even decorating his apartment became headline news.

Light relief only came with the opportunity to fire a few Ministers. Then again it was even more fun when Dominic Cummings got going.

Now it is time to call back the fun team to make sure Bodj gets re-elected. Never mind the stodgy Conservative party.
.We need the Last Laugh Loony Party to think the unthinkable and shake off the shackles of gloom :-

  • Firstly, an amnesty for any minor mis- speaking by Bodj, ….or any rule breaking he may have accidently done, …..or any trifling overspends on wallpaper, ….or any parties he may have strolled into just for a few minutes.
  • Secondly, a party to celebrate the end of all lockdowns, a party to end all parties, until the next party.…. except in Scotland, which will stay locked-down at least until 2036.
  • Thirdly, Bodj has asked the Army to arrange street parties everywhere, with parades and flags and cake and corona pop, but definitely not Coronapop. Oh and to collect up all the masks and PPE and lateral flow tests, which will be sent to Scotland for anyone who renounces independence and votes for Boris.


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12 Responses to Bodj Party

  1. Partytime
    Well Well!!! Here we are all stripped naked down to our last vestiture of clothing as we continue to party into the night, unclothed and in the nude showing our bits and pieces off with BORIS, sorry BODJ and the rt. Hon Members of Parliament, including those Lords and ladies who have a seat, In the House Of Lords?? Excellent.
    I can see BODJ dancing around the floor with his Lovely Long limp Penis, wishing to shaft all those who are at the Party, including the ‘JERKS’ {Those tribal dishy bits?] {LLLP?]- Comes to mind] WE have as ragamuffins comments to make? May be??
    Then we have the designer/cohort Mr. Cummings, like a wet dream, coming and coming again, with stories of betrayal and as he believes intrigue. MI5 and MI6 and yet again the Metropolitan Police have lots to say, like we must wait for all the evidence, before we publish our ‘MILLS and BOON Novel BY this the new Barbra Cartland of this Novel world.
    I just ask you? And my self, what is the UK society becoming?? In this the start of the year, 2022- ‘’THE WATER TIGER’’ a cat that can swim, smell out its prey and pounce, But can it kill?? Should this be BORIS or BODJ? Then I would certainly add the comment he is certainly not swimming and he is about to kill a democratic parliament!!!
    Has Boris got nine lives, NO!!! But he has had at least NINE PINTS and chasers in the bar at WESTMINSTER!!! OH I forgot respect for our leader –The Right Honourable BORIS JOHNSON, MP Prime Minister.

  2. BYJOVEGrove
    The Sunday Rag today 30 Jan 2022. The Mail on Sunday Headlines front page –‘GROVE’S RED WALL REVOLUTION TO RESCUE BORIS’ and it is an Exclusive story???
    How wonderful, I am just reading this important information, enjoying my morning cuppa, I so excited I turned over to page 2 to continue the read? Rose coloured spectacles’ comes to mind. But never mind we have on page 2 another alleged ‘SCOOP’ Boris and Rishis Dishi-Will not spike the National Insurance Hike? Wonderful?
    We Have BY JOVE, BORIS and DISHY, courting the alleged red wall of Northern Voters, and there is even more to enjoy assimilate on Page 25 BY JOVE has a whole page to his writings and rantings, about LONDON, and its financial empire- a mention is made of the impoverished South East – I assume ESSEX Area where once mass employment for blue collar workers existed, as it once did in the northern and midland parts of England. Now the workers are in the financial sector-The chosen few in London? This was seen by the alleged ‘RED WALL’ who I believe are the Older Voters who and who’s families are where blue collar workers and whose families fought shoulder to shoulder in the 30.s slump and through WWII. Not memories one can easily a raise.
    WE all need each other with respect and consideration for each of us, because one day we may need to fight alongside each other.
    Politics is unrulely , But why cannot The RT Hon Rishi SUNAK, MP Chancellor of the Exchequer, Become the next UK Prime Minister?? GROVE sorry BY JOVE is making all sorts of political dogma, I just wonder if this is to choke off the ‘’WOKE-VOTE’’ and turn us into a Racist Society.
    Our possible future monarch who ever that may be, all ready has ‘WOKE’ as a family Crisis.

  3. as one reads and dreams, with the images that the media and politics brings to mind_ Who is running the corner shop in Westminster, BORIS withis EUROPEAN ROOTS, or RISHI with his ASIAN ROOTS, OR BY JOVE with his Local ROOTS?? They are all English? However where are their beliefs, and family monies.
    AS an ENGLISHMAN I know my service to My Family the Queen and country. My monies is tied into the CITY OF LOndon Banking System, where I thought or believed ‘MY Word is My Bond”

  4. the LLLP, and its ‘Ragamuffin Society’ are looking forward to all these street parties to mark the end of ‘LOCKDOWN’ HOWEVER My pension does not match the loads of ‘dosh’ allegedly paid to or for all the PPE during this Epidemic, Emergency, and now RiSHS Rt Hon MP Chancellor of the Exchequer, with the Lord of the Treasury The Right Hon Boris Johnson MP- Prime Minister; who in cohesion are interested in fleecing us with a rise in in taxes. P.S>[ Where oh where are the select few with their entrepreneurial views and deeds for supporting the public?] who may have insider knowledge of PPE contracts and other Policy decisions made by the government. The government have spent our monies on combating CORVID-19, for which I am thankful, HOWEVER I look for the truth and confirmation that the monies budgeted were spent responsibly, and not to enrich the few.?

  5. Its the start of the week, and my daily rag-the ‘daily Mail’ has an inside story-page 19 of Rishis Dishi allegedly stating that BODJ is fixing the propaganda machine to say that RISHI is preventing BODJ on costings from stopping the NHS of providing urgency in the ”Waiting List for Treatment” immediately.
    I just wonder who is Puffing at Who??? We the public are just Pawns, and The Rt. Hon. Boris Johnson MP PM is playing games again, alleging everybody is against him!!!!
    I as a potential voter, what is the truth after 2019, and this government of Conservatives, have said one story and then countermanded it by other stories.
    The only prove that I have to wait longer, and then too boot the costs of living are increasing out of control- Boris has handed out loads of cash, with promises, and no definite allegiance to the truth as to who has to pay??? We are in Fairy Land, and BODJ still believes he has the wand of wonder. Are we all in Dreamland???
    BRITEX is still a difficult problem to solve, for the UK as a Nation of EUROPE, and what is happening in the events in eastern Europe.

  6. Wow EEE! Fruity, It is the 14th, Feb today?
    WE all the Unknown to the KING of the Long Lost Loonie Party wish you a very Interesting day of tryst and Knots of Loved ones, Do enjoy, with lots of love and very fond memories!!

  7. Yea ha! we are almost there the freedom zone? What next BODJ are you after guidance from the LLLP and for us all to wear face masks, so we cannot be heard and be silent, while our ”’party bosses” decant the orders of behavior- remember no Parties- that’s a naught thought or 2. Ah! WELL! the world is round to go round. WE the LLLP and the rest of us must gaze opened mouthed at the ”CRystal Ball”’ and just ”DREAM”.

  8. Putting aside all todays thoughts and politics of Westminster and the BODJ crowd of associates, I sat in my chair, having a cuppa, mind in neutral, I watched my recording of Friday Night 18th, Feb from BBC Channel 4 and a programme, full of music featuring Nat King Cole! Great! Great!! and my mind was full of memories as a younger person and my mum and dad and their music choices of the 50;s and 60;s,, and the rest of the family times together: Wonderful, just most restful.

  9. The elephant in the room
    Question or 2 for your consideration only, Please??
    Last night on television, ITV at 21.00 hrs. I watched with Molly, my wife the Kate Garraway Programme-‘’’Caring for Derek’’.
    The programme was to me emotional. And as I am about at 79 years considering to write-‘’ My Powers of Attorney’’ for my own peace of mind: and my families well being, it brought into focus –‘’What do I wish for in My Health and well being power of attorney, when my cognitive mind is no longer normal, but within the powers under the relevant Mental Health ACTS, and my nominated ‘ATTORNEYS have to make any wishes and promises for me?’
    The programme was full of Kate’s love for DEREK: However with Derek’s many health problems it was upsetting for me to read into the programme the wishes, he may have had for his personal feelings of love for Kate-his wife and his immediate family.
    There is no overall solution, and do we when we commit ourselves to a written ‘POWER OF ATTORNEY, when fully compos mantas understand the problems, that may lay ahead in life for our carers when committed under the Powers of ATTORNEY and the Mental Health ACTS???.
    I ask is there an ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM??? And how does the individual loved one deal with the elephant, and is it to be a personal decision, or one of society?? Neither option is a comfortable one to consider???=There is no one right answer!!!
    YOU May wish to meander though Grumbles and Smiles past comments, and gently reflect on=’’What if? Should I, If I was in this position?’’=

  10. ‘Beware’ the ”IDES OF MARCH” as is said! and what comes ”Next”???

  11. john graham says:

    April you FOOL 🌞

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