In this new golden age of Bopportunities Prime Minister Bodj has now turned his attention to solving the NHS. After his much celebrated success with the vaccine roll-out Bodj has concluded only his GREAT IDEAS will radically change the delivery of health services in the UK.

At the beginning of his reign as Prime Minister Bodj promised to increase the number of GP’s by 20,000. (Or was that nurses?…… or policemen OOPS! Police people.). There have been so many promises.

Then COVID came along and all the GP’s disappeared. Off into Zoom heaven. Still there was always 111, where they will tell you either to go to bed with an aspirin, or if you are really, really sick as a parrot ill they will call you an ambulance, which should arrive in a few days. Then you will be taken to a hospital car park where you can wait a few more days. Next if you haven’t got better or died they will put you on a trolly and wheel you into A&E, where you can wait a bit longer. In fact it might be a lot longer, but don’t worry, none of these delays count in the NHS waiting time statistics, because you are not officially a patient until you see a doctor, which may be some time.

Bodj says this situation is intolerable and he has a GREAT IDEA which will eliminate all the delays by recruiting 100,000 new GP’s tomorrow ! He will simplify GP qualifications so that anyone with a Smartphone, who can Google “ health “, will be able to call themselves a GP. They can then diagnose and give pills to any one.

How lucky we are to have Bodj and his GREAT IDEAS,

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3 Responses to BodjDoctors

  1. OH dear, a huff and a puff? not two strangers, but BORIS RT. HON. MP Prime Minister, lecturing to a QUEER SOCIETY, while taking their individual blood pressures, and insisting on no talking, as their pulse rate and blood pressure may increase, and cause BORIS to call 191 or is it 199? for those experts in the ”BATTERN BURG” shaded cars and vans, and whip us all of to LA La Land and the Last Laugh LOONIE PARTY to vote at his next election,[ or is it his PUBLIC OPINION suite on the CONSERVATIVE Party web site.], while He Boris dresses up as a clown, or a magician for his next bit of Party Manifesto. This seasons 2022 Conservative Party CONFERENCE should be a ”WHEEZE” of a PARTY- all the trimmings of drinks, talk, gas, lightening ideals, and a sage or 2 presenting the future for the NATION United Kingdom, with a challenging HOOLIE in the best traditional Scottish dress, while we admire the ‘DIRKS [knives sharpened for the final thrust?]’ or is that the DICKS in all their Tartan, with a dose of ROAST SALMON, being eaten, so that after, we can crown our own throne comfortably with a passing of the song ‘SCOTLAND For EVER’???
    Hey I am not cynical just a LLLP voter looking for common sense.

  2. today saturday june, Come on you Tigers can you earn your stripes? or are you cuddling up for this summers Conservative, Labour, Liberal-Democratic, Green, Or even the Last Laugh Lonnie Party, get togethers, with out their shanagins and talking lots of Balls!!
    I am looking forward to that Toast out of the ‘Winners Cup’, and the bonamee of friendship after todays hard days work out!!!! Cheers!!!!

  3. purr=fect as a tiger pussycat would meow!!!

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