Bopportunities on the Cabinet.

Bodj was upset but the no-confidence vote by his MP’s at the rebellious 1922 committee. After all . He got most of them elected in the first place!

So Bodj will sort that by making all 154 rebels Cabinet Ministers, with higher salaries and important titles. The Cabinet will in future have to hold their meetings in the garden of No 10, but there will be lots of tea and cake and wine and karaoke. The new Junior Minister for Parties will organise them.

Of course it will be difficult to hold meetings in the winter because it will be too cold now that the heating has been turned off. In the spring it will be too wet and in the autumn too windy. That just leaves the summer, when Parliament is in recess.

So as Prime Minister with all “The Great Ideas” Bodj will just have to take all the big decisions himself. With a little help from his friends in the Last Laugh Looney Party.

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2 Responses to Bopportunities on the Cabinet.

  1. OH Dear!!! It is almost mid year 21 6 2022, and BOJO is in his slippers, and front room, offering us all a cuddly tog, so we are ready for the autumn and winter, paying all that cash for heating, and provisions of food, asking us all to curl up to him and offer a nod/handsake or a kiss for his future policies devised by the Conservative Party Headquarters, Mr Starmer is not far behind; rape and pillaging us all for a vote of confidence. They are that is the political parties of the UK following opinion polls, of what we are saying as a nation of individuals> What I wish to see is a united, committed social policy that would deliver to all sections of the UK Nation, fairly and honestly, not one writen on a piece of lavortory paper to be flushed away, ready for the next issue of concern

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