Bodj has rediscovered himself. Just when everybody else is trying to get rid of him,

But out of all the troubles surrounding him Bodj can see opportunities. He will announce them to the nation in a series of blogs over the next few days.

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4 Responses to Bopportunities

  1. to be continued on next blog!

  2. bee bop a loolua, and all that dance music? what do we tango to next??? Is the big band ready to play that music of love and romance? or only this hip-hop where one trounces the adjoining dancers-Sorry voters? That’s you and me?
    They in the know call it parliament??Maybe just a collection of street traders wishing to ”goose us all’ and serve us up as a group of ”has been’s” However s they say beauty comes before age, and I am looking forward to a few of those wiser words from an older sage? Minted in true style and with a fresh smell of HERBS? Not to listen to and digest a load of old herberts and tossers!!!

  3. Relevant before BORIS and the BREXIT general election 2019, and as you note still relevant today 2022 JULY, Where oh where is the Conservative party and parliament in general going today. It is a field day for the ”Last Laugh LOONie Party” and all their election pledges and policies.
    I trust one day we will all make sense of what has happened??? and What we actually require and is wanted a a united Nation!!!

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