“Memories in the making”

This is the name of a really creative activity programme for people with dementia.  It is based at the Kemp Center for the Arts in Texas and is being piloted by the Alzheimer’s Association.

The project encourages people with varying degrees of dementia to paint images from their memory.  Apart from the obvious therapeutic value of creating an artwork, it is tapping into a side of the brain which may not be so affected by the illness.

This would be an idea which should be followed up in the UK.


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3 Responses to “Memories in the making”

  1. david freeman says:

    Life can be stranger than fiction, A recent experience I had with my wife was of a retired friend telling her life story around BATH, anf I with my wife on holiday in Bath recounted the friends earlier life experiences. We then with the friend and her friend all went to BATH, and there the years and the experiences all came to life. The original event was 1949, the friend now 79 had not seen her childhood artifacts written in 1949. The event was wonderful all about a young girl in the guide movement, and her village near Bath. The friend returned Home to the retirement village, and that evening there was a LOndon Evening with more of her modern friends. It was a magical day one lifetime and memories in one day! Wonderful. It is great to share memories and the pleasure when the friend was smiling and talking all day! Although one can get a little deaf.

  2. john says:

    Imagine the pictures you could paint with this storey as well as the tales you could recount to wide-eyed children. Especially if the subject turned out to be a former school teacher 🙂

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