“Grumble Post 4”

No less a person than the ever headline-seeking Caroline Spelman – Environment Secretary, must have been reading my blog.  She obviously shares my concerns about the postal service.

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Ms Spelman is paid a lot of money to be Environment Secretary and no doubt has years of experience working in the Post Office as a student delivering mail at Christmas.  She has come up with a great idea to solve the problem of junk mail – a website to allow people to ban the Royal Mail from delivering unsolicited post.  The website is to be launched next April, and if it is as effective as the Telephone Preference Service, it will have no effect at all!

  • Every household in Britain received 450 pieces of junk mail a year
  • 11 billion items in total
  • £50 million is the cost of disposal

One little loophole in Ms Spelman’s thinking is that 40% of junk mail is delivered door to door in the form of leaflets from local businesses.

The Direct Marketing Association is obviously deliriously happy about Ms Spelman’s idea.  Their members employ 280,000 people and the value of the direct mail business is around £27 billion.  Although that doesn’t include the recycling cost :-).  Their spokesman, Mike Lordan, the Operations Chief, said with no sense of irony, “unwanted mail is an annoyance and an unnecessary cost to business”.  He forgot to say “do worry we will keep on sending it”.

The Royal Mail are equally delighted about Ms Spelman’s proposals.  They said, between gritted teeth, “this scheme will build on the arrangements already in place to enable people to opt out”.  What he meant was “if it works, it will bankrupt Royal Mail, but it probably won’t work”.

I think I have a much simpler solution.  Why not put it back in the post box with your name and addressed crossed out and re-address it to Mr Mike Lordan of the Direct Marketing Association, DMA House, 70 Margaret Street, London W1W  8SS.

ALTERNATIVELY —- a great idea I read recently ——- send all the buisness reply postage paid envelopes you recieve back to the sender stuffed with junk mail you have been sent by someone else 🙂

As Elvis said                 ” RETURN TO SENDER “

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4 Responses to “Grumble Post 4”

  1. Capital237 says:

    I enter your next blog as ‘slippery as an eel? I thought halibut or a firm deep cold water fish was brain food, not the odd herring or mackrel, or even tuna steak?

  2. Maureen o'Neill says:

    I once told a postman about the horror of junk mail and his reply was”Please don’t do anything about it, It keeps me and many others like me in a job”
    It would seem to me that to stop junk mail being printed would do a lot of people out of a job, This in turn would lead to less recycling possibly and maybe more people out of a job? As there are millions out of work already perhaps we should put up with the inconvenience. There are also many lonely people and at least a piece of junk mail coming through the letter box would suggest that someone knew your address and was aware you lived.
    Happy Christmas, John, to you and yours.

  3. It is not the delivery of junk mail, it is the gossiping at the door step with postie that counts? Junk mail is trash, and what can one say to postie? One as one grows older needs a good ear to bend, and a good subject to discuss. Those lonely people, as one could say you could be in a crowd but be lonely. It is a turn of mind, one needs to talk, and talk you are able to do? But before I sign off I wish you a Happy Christmas Maureen, and you must talk about all the Anne Summers pamphlets that postie delivers too you, and all those items in the ARGOS catelogue, He does converse to me about Pineapple orchards in Sunderland, and Newcastle United, so I may not recieve such lovely junk mail as you, but I can talk the hind legs off a donkey, especially with all those bills that keep dropping on my door mat- Even in Busby’s Bill it is good to talk. Quack-Quack Crackers are you???? Answer on a post card please!!!

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