“A Fishy Story”

Yet another piece of research related to the diet of older people and its possable connection to the onset of dementia.

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Researchers at Northumbria University suggest that eating fish may stave off dementia in later life.  The evidence they found suggests that eating oily fish regularly may slow down memory loss through improving blood flow to the brain.

No need to move to Grimsby just yet, the report is couched in terms of “could” and “maybe”.

And…….that is OILY FISH…….but that does mean a trip to the chippy everyday.

Sardines on toast should be ok ……. maybe without the toast?

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2 Responses to “A Fishy Story”

  1. Capital237 says:

    Your like the angler! How big was that fish you caught? That Big! really! Well I never. I even think the Christmas dinner should contain some oiliness, for that odd thought and croak of the dry cough, and to lift ones spirits at this time of the year, among those dark nights, and dark thoughts! It is Tuesday 20 Dec today just one day of the solstice and my dancing around the stones, with maureens junk mail from postie. I am going doel alley are you a follower to my kingdom? Come on down alzhemiers society! But alas this is the ravages of old age, and I love to remember my mum cooking kippers for tea, and sardines on toast, and now that occassional mackrel salad as a starter. Is It brain food for me? I am not sure the memory of these simple dishes and the delights of Grimsby, HUll, Great Yarmouth, and Aberdeen, with Billingsgate thrown in, remembering Fleetwood, bring back simple memories of home, and respect to all those Deep sea Fisherman who spent many a day in howling gales, and swollen seas to bring such a dish before kings. Yes I do remember, but is it the fishy tales? No I think it is lifes rich pattern? Maybe, maybe-maybe not? As with a daisy in the lawn picking the petals, she loves me she loves me not? Bye Bye!

  2. Capital237 says:

    I must have a rant at another fishy story? Yesterdays papers and Christmas lasts for 25 days, not 12 and we all have to pay for it?/ Those MP’s of ours, just keep voting for more and more, all those property repairs for their base home, and duck houses-Where OH where is the natural justice and fairness in life? Ir makes me angry and as with the fishy tales maybe, and maybe not I will support the MP’s and those at Brussels. It is time to hide under the matress with all my illgotten gains before I am robbed of my worldly goods? I feel naked, and not embaressed but thoroughly annoyed, grumble grumble.

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