“I like to be in America”

This blog was written while on a holiday in America and it is interesting to observe the differences between the UK and the USA.  In some ways they are ahead of us and in some ways behind.  Neither is automatically good or bad.

One thing I like is they still have imperial measures – they haven’t given in to the incomprehensibility of metric.  A foot is still a foot, roughly the size of your feet so you can measure most things by putting one foot after the other; or for longer distances, a large stride is a yard, so you can count your paces to calculate distances outside.  Although I never did figure out a rod, pole or perch, I still think they must be more to do with fishing.

They use miles too, but then again so do we.  The European Court of Justice has not yet caught up with our road sign-writers.

The weather forecasters still speak Farenheit so at least I know that when it is 70°or more, it is going to be hot.  In the UK I still haven’t a clue what the temperature is going to be even after watching the weather forecast.

Filling up the car is a bit more confusing, because for some reason they call petrol “gas”, which it isn’t!   On the good side, they still use gallons, but to complicate things if you want to pay cash, you have to pay in advance, which requires you to guesstimate how many gallons you need.

Weight wise they calculate everything in pounds, they don’t seem to have got the hang of stones.  So people weigh in at 140 pounds if they are 10 stones.  I never got around to finding out about ounces.

One thing they are different on is the currency.  Dollars are simple enough to understand until you come to pay for anything – then the notes are all the same size and colour – just to get you confused again.   On top of that, it’s only when you get to the till that they add on the sales tax. So everything costs a bit more than you think.

You buy potatoes in pounds and petrol in gallons, but why did they never learn to drive on the left   ???????????????


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4 Responses to “I like to be in America”

  1. I like this article! It is good to drift back into older units of uniformity? However the main thing is you learn The American English Usage of the Oxford English or Chambers English Dictionary. Like you John I like America bits of it? and with your blog it takes me back in time to a holiday there in New England,not that that new fangled Florida and all that warm weather.
    By the way a standard person for legal reasons in calculating life saving appliances is 165pounds to save you from the water, (in the UK-Department of Transport), and if it is for stability that is if you want to save the ship from going base over apex then the calculated weight of a standard person is 145 pounds? ( some useless information for you), at 140 Pounds I assume you are silth like and a set of twinkle toes on come dancing- Imagination!!!!!: Would you like to disallusion us readers, or would you keep to the script? I am a mere rotund figure of sufficient girth to enjoy a good tuck in this Christmas, and I did, and I enjoyed it all, now it is down to the gym for some hard work? Unless I get touge lashed on the way, and have to gossip/discuss my way back to fitness? Then it is the Cafe for a hot drink and a piece of tounge pie. What a world we live in-Have a good day!!!

  2. Maureen o'Neill says:

    Little hint John, Not quite exact but near enough. To turn Centigrade into Fahrenheit take the temperature , double it, add thirty and that is roughly the Fahrenheit temperature. Its a good guide for what to wear etc. Happy New Year,

    • john graham says:

      Thanks Maureen but whatever happened to multiplying by 9 over 5 and adding 32 ? Besides all I want to know is if it is going to be hot or not. I didn’t expect to have to sit in front of the TV weather forecast with a calculator.

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