“Never Been 21 or 65”

When I was young, the big age to become was 21.  It was an anchor point  in life, a bridge between childhood and adulthood.  21st birthdays were when you became a “grown up”.  Time for a big celebration —– a PARTY.  You were to be given the key of the door.  Although it was never very clear what door and I don’t think I ever got a key.

Part of the problem was that I had already left home and gone off to university before I was 21.  The other issue was that around the age of my 19th birthday, somebody changed the goal posts and 18 became the new “age of consent”.  Nobody told me what I could or should consent to, but whatever it was,   I’d missed the opportunity !    😦

So the next big birthday to look forward to is 65 when I get to retire and become a “pensioner”.  Only the Government has gone and moved those goal posts AGAIN !

This time I cheated the system and retired early when I was still only a relative youngster at 63.  I knew I must be old though, because Network Rail gave me a SENIOR rail card.  I also now get cheaper entry to art exhibitions, zoo’s and some cinemas, because almost without knowing it and certainly without any party, I have become a “concessionary”.  I am guessing that it has something  to do with my Human Right to be equal to women ?

I think it also means I have to stand outside hotels with a top hat now that I am “concessionaire”,  still I have always liked dressing up in smart uniforms.  Or is that a “commissionaire” ?  I’ll give it a go outside the Dorchester and see how I get on.

So that must be what they meant by getting the key of the door !

The other good pensioner news is that I now get free prescriptions.  So I plan to visit my GP and get a new pill every week.  I’ll be swimming in pills soon.  Then I will know I really am a pensioner at last.

The not so good news is that the Government says 70 is the new 65 and if we all continue to get older, 75 could become the new 70.

So one way or another, I don’t think I’ll ever get to be a fully fledged pensioner.

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3 Responses to “Never Been 21 or 65”

  1. FIe! Fi! Fo! Thumb I smell the blood of indicision by an English Man? Did you reach 40? Did you celebrate? and are you any older, and admit you are over the hill? Just roll into a cosy little ball and be gently pushed uphill and downdale, over lifes little problems? What is in a date? Just enjoy retirement when the opportunity arises? One may spend ones life looking forward and backwards.

  2. Maureen o'Neill says:

    I really think is cause for complaint to the government. It strikes me that you have been ‘got at ‘ ever since you were 18. I am 77 and I do benefit from prescriptions – oodles of pills, prescriptions for glasses, cheap hair sets free bus passes etc
    .When one is not retired and therefore not an OAP until 67 or whatever age is decreed does that mean that all the perks are delayed?
    You must have a cause for Complaint. John. I don’t know who you should write to -( Edwina Curry seems to take up lost causes!!!!)
    I think I have a good idea. This would make a good television comedy programme and this would then bring the unfairness of the situation to all tele’ watchers. I am not clever enough to do this but I wish I was .
    Keep blogging., John. This made me laugh.

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