“Breakfast Tradition”

Breakfast sets you up for the day, gets you up in the right mood and off to a good start.  It is a habit that works for me so long as it can be done on automatic pilot.  Even though I get up early – usually between 6 and 7 am – I am still a slow starter.  I am only half awake and I like to follow a routine, with everything in the right place.

It is all a habit that started at the age of fourteen, with my first paper round.  I had to be up and out by 6.15 a.m. to deliver the papers before school and my mum insisted I had something to eat before I went out.  That’s where marmalade comes into it.  It was my high energy drink before Hi-energy drinks were invented.

It is a childhood habit that has lasted a lifetime.  Begin the day with marmalade and you’re off to a flying start.  Not just any marmalade – it has to be sharp with thick bits of Saville orange peel – Frank Coopers Original for preference.  No marmalade means you have hurdles to overcome even before you have started the day.

That’s why marmalade is so important!

For quite a few years now the habit has been under attack.  Marmalade is becoming an endangered species.  Hotels have almost eliminated it, in favour of 1001 varieties of French jam.   American hotels don’t even know what it is and have jelly instead (that’s jam in American lingo).   Supermarkets still have it — hidden in all the jams — and when you find it, it is often thin cut and runny.

Unsurprisingly, marmalade sales are down, from being used by 36% of UK families 40 years ago, to now only 7%.   Apparently children don’t like the bitter taste or the chewy bits.   The manufacturers are now developing sweet, squeezy marmalade, without any bits, to appeal to children.   Send them out to do a paper round – that’s what I say !

What is the world coming to ?  Is there no regard for tradition any more ?  No wonder there are so many grumpy old men around.


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4 Responses to “Breakfast Tradition”

  1. Is it the marmalade thick cut that is delious or is it you sir with your memories? It is the toast and that freash bread that make the marmalade more enjoyable, but alas I now have the figure of a barrel, and need GYM to help me keep trim! The Marmalde I enjoyed as a youngster was Roses Lime Marmalade, sharp and tangy to the palet. Keep your revelations going, it may be the last book in the bible, but? or should I say in this instance- the end of the world is not nigh so long as marmlade of in some form or another is still produced!

  2. Maureen o'Neill says:

    I think Marmalade must be making a come back! About 2 years ago I could only get apricot jam when I was in hospital but more recently marmalade has been available. Like you John I like my daily dose of marmalade, thick or otherwise, but certainly not shredless. The only trouble with Marmalade is that when one makes it oneself it is so full f flavour that one either over eats it or gives it away. When I retired I made a lot of it with lovely Seville oranges. I ate too much and I was popular with my neighbours!! Get someone to make you some John. I am not offering as I gave away all my preserving pans and thermometers when I moved into a smaller apartment.!!

  3. davidwfreeman237 says:

    dear John! Your readers are delicate flowers, not nearly flowers: If taken to heart the arrows pierce the breast? and we are all over 70! Oh where or where is your chivallry? In the bin with the flowers? are also a delicate soul? xxx there there kisses for youXXX and some extra ones.

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