“Best Foot Forward” 2

This blog follows after my trials and tribulations searching endlessly through the aisles of Boots the Chemist for a solution to my poorly foot.   (See “BEST FOOT FORWARD” dated 10th June 2012).  I wrote to Customer Services to see if they could give me a better way of finding the right product for my foot problem.  I received the following helpful reply from Vanessa Brazener :-


Thanks for contacting us about your recent visit to one of our stores.

I’m sorry to learn of your disappointment to find yourself faced with too much choice and not enough information when trying to find something to help with your sore foot.

We try to provide a variety of products under each category as what may work for one person, won’t necessarily work for another.

I appreciate your comments relating to the position of the ‘foot care’ aisle, and I’ve made our Store Operations Team aware of your feelings. The feedback we receive from our customers is invaluable to us and they’ve asked me to reassure you your comments will be considered at their next review.

In future it may be useful for you to know that our Pharmacist’s and Healthcare assistants are always on hand to offer help and support to any ailment you might have.

I’d like to apologise once again for the disappointment this has caused.

Thanks again for contacting us. If I can help in any other way, please let me know.

Many thanks

Vanessa Brazener, Boots Customer Care

Since receiving this reply, I was given some advice by my friend Maureen, that I may infact have gout.  For more about this follow my blog “Google Gout” dated 19th June 2012.

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1 Response to “Best Foot Forward” 2

  1. Does one in fact get bonus points? On ones BOOTS AWARD CARD for the attention one gets form the BOOTS customer services department? Or is the answer a lemon? You Know you have to spend the awarded bonus points or cash, but unlike ARGOS you cannot use both? So Mighty Mouse, is the suggestion that you in fact have full blown goat worthy of Bonus points, and a card spend for treatment, or is it back to good old fashioned cash! and a Grumble that they can offer you the worlds treatment at a PRice? and gout is only a suggestion that may make you part with your hard earned cash? Do you have for instance an itchy foot (Athletes Foot)? and may wish to boot the nearest consultant gentle up the backside? or even me for being so suggestive? However als I am not worthy of a Boots Bonus Points, all thouugh I do have an award card? and With the recent conglomerate take over I may get my points world wide? Does your Foot Travel or is it the Gout that travels. Answers on a postcard, and from America if possible please, my ass is sore!!!

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