“One Man’s Legacy” – 2

When I finally managed to get inside the Sagrada Familia Basilica in Barcelona, 46 years after I had first visited it, this is the miracle that I found.

For earlier blogs in this series, click on “MEDITERRANEAN REFLECTIONS” in the TAG CLOUD.  This next group of slides illustrate the interior which completely blew me away.  It’s nothing like I have ever seen before and must make this Basilica one of the best buildings I have ever seen.  The interior is like an enchanted forest.

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1 Response to “One Man’s Legacy” – 2

  1. What a sight, even in a 2D photo I look at the texture and ornateness of the stone work and the height of the roof, The nave and choir must cover a hugh area. Great man, great imagination and I salute the parishioners of Barcelona and Spain for sponsoring such a project. It is different to the Catholic Cathedral in Liverpool, and Its anglican cousin designed by SCOTT? which is in comparison to Barcelona, severve and yet bueatiful in its severvity. I believe The Aglican and Cathedral of Liverpool and the Bascila in Barcellona where proberbly started and concieved by their individual designers within a few years of each other. The results are both stunning and beautiful, but in their own way.

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