“Have N.I.C.E Approved Apple ?”

I have written a lot about older people’s over reliance on pills.  (Click on “PILLS” in the TAG CLOUD). My favourite cartoon character in the GrumbleSmiles  blog is “Pilly Galore” who is an elderly lady whose life revolves around pills.    To her they have become a badge of importance, but also a point of contact with a lonely outside world. Pilly read in the newspaper about a new pill that is becoming very popular.    In fact 128 million people around the world use them.    One of the most popular varieties is made by a nice sounding company name APPLE. nice approved apple copy Pilly is going to see her friend and favourite GP tomorrow to see if he will prescribe her an apple tablet.     It could turn out to be the best cure she has ever given her to treat her loneliness.

Tablets better than pills

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2 Responses to “Have N.I.C.E Approved Apple ?”

  1. interesting, more of a statement, than a comment. You may have quoted ‘Happiness’ by that liverpudllian Ken Dodd and his Diddy men, as another example. Who loves you babe?? Loneliness can be in the mind, but if we talk, skpe and keep reading, or writing, and by some form of contact, dare I say ‘Touch’? we can feel each other, and know that we are not alone in this wide world. By the way for you I wish to quote that wailing warbler’ Connie Frances’ and her song ‘Where the Boys are someone waits for me’ That should keep Pilly content for the momment.
    From my past many a song bring back such happy memories, and to share those, and talk and banter with a living soul is contentment for me. Be Happy!!! Have a good day!!!

  2. by the way the use of ‘Statins’, are they with their possible side effects, benificial? or are they an sop or comfort for the NICE committee and the Pills industry. I just ask, the doctor is full of praise to use these ‘statins’ and their many variations to stop the blood clots and ticker complaints in later life. The only thing i note missing in the ‘quackes ‘ voice is a note of absolute conviction! Hence my sceptasysium? Keep beating my aching heart, it is only me?

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