“The Bald Truth”

A shocking study by the University of Tokyo was published recently about balding men.    I am sure there is no truth in it.    I would not be surprised if the research was commissioned by the Japanese Association of Hairdressers out of sheer spite.

According to this dubious research, men who go bald on the crown of their head, have a 50% increased risk of heart disease.    Those with receding hairlines only had a 22% increased risk.     Alarmingly, those with receding hairlines and a bald crown top were 69% more at risk.    It is all to do with testosterone.

No wonder Wayne Rooney, Shane Warne and Graham Gooch spent all that money on hair transplants.

the bald truth copy

I prefer the research that says men with high levels of testosterone are great sportsmen and great lovers.

But I might buy a wig tomorrow just in case there is any truth in the research :-).

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1 Response to “The Bald Truth”

  1. What a ‘Wag’ with a rug, what a sight, My mind is even now more disturbed than before, trying to conjure up your physical image? Bathing Shorts/Trunks-colour yellow?, lithe body, sagging waistlne, hairy chest, upper arm musles that bulge with perfection, a ginger rug, pierced ear with gold cross earing- left hand side, ingrowing toe nail left foot big top, Teeth to die for, garlic for breakfast to keep the babes and the body happy, and do not for get the ‘bowel movements’ sweet as a nut. You are perfection John, only that is my image of you as I look into my moirror on the wall? By the way while I talk to my mirror it never answers me back, if it does or did? I cannot remember the answers, or relate to the conversation. What a sad old pair of ‘Tarts’ we must be!!
    Happy hunting among your surveys. One day you must quote ‘ U3A’ and add pearls of wisdom.

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