This is a continuation of the CAFE Happiness survey.    ( Other posts in this series can be found either by clicking on “CAFE Project” in the Tag Cloud or by clicking on  “GrumbleSmiles Trust” in the Topics list)

How often out of houseThis is a remarkable result which just highlights the importance that this group of people put on remaining active.  A visit to the shops, a bus trip to the town centre, a ride out in the car or a visit to family, friends and/or neighbours.  Anything that gets you out of the house.

In contrast it illustrates the sense of impairment that older people must feel when their mobility is limited and they are unable to get out as often as they used to.

FOOTNOTE: We need to be mindful that linking people with computers will not necessarily replace the satisfaction of going out and about.

Worry going out at nightNight time is a very different story for the majority of older people.  Less than a third of them have no fear of going out at night.  Almost half of them fear going out at night sometimes which surely should not be the case in an Age Friendly City.

This must have implications, particularly for leisure and entertainment businesses.  Matinee performances would be much more readily accessible to this group.

FOOTNOTE: May be we should produce an App which specifically lists events that are scheduled to take place during the day.

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2 Responses to CAFE HAPPINESS survey — GOING OUT

  1. Good idea about an App for what is going on in City and area

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