This is a continuation of the CAFE Happiness survey.    ( Other posts in this series can be found either by clicking on “CAFE Project” in the Tag Cloud or by clicking on  “GrumbleSmiles Trust” in the Topics list)

See Close FriendsTwo thirds of this group have regular contact with friends on a daily or at least weekly basis.  A third only see friends monthly or less which is in sharp contrast in the work environment where you see colleagues regularly.

See Friends More OftenEven amongst this relatively engaged group of older people, most would like to see more of their friends.  Social contact amongst the younger generation is maintained much more by the use of technology – texting, emailing, Facebook and Skype in particular.Make friends easilyMost people in the group certainly feel they have enough self-confidence to make friends easily.  That was evident within the group where most people did not know each other when they arrived but rapidly engaged in conversation.  That said there had to be an event to stimulate the sense of common interest and discussion.

FOOTNOTE:  It seems evident that the use of technology is a key element in reducing social isolation but at the same time there still needs to be opportunities for face to face meetings to open the friendship door.

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2 Responses to CAFE HAPPINESS survey — FRIENDSHIPS

  1. Diane says:

    In my experience many older people still prefer to meet face to face at meetings, which also gets people out of the house ( getting some ” exercise” + “fresh air” ) . Some older people can afford to buy, or have as a gift, a computer/I pad etc. to communicate via the internet, but find the monthly charges of broadband rather expensive in this economic climate (becoming a? luxury). The Coventry library service offers free computer access but unfortunately blocks access to various sites, so not always able to access certain basic information., or some attachments to an e-mail.
    However maybe one day there will be an internet cafe (not virtual) where older people can visit to use the internet(with someone to help as necessary), have a chat over coffee , maybe get a lunch etc. in the city centre + possibly in local areas e.g free community rooms or ? local churches etc.

    • john graham says:

      Thanks for this early morning post Diane — full of useful information which we must be able to build upon. Face to face communication is definitely a key element of the GrumbleSmiles idea of linking people together and so is the use of computers. Finding a way of making computers easily and cheaply available to older people in Coventry and elsewhere is central to our CAFE Project.
      Talking to someone in the Library service and also finding a free internet café could be next steps for the CAFE group to take ?

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