“Nothing Personal”

A few years ago the Government introduced a new policy for funding care at home called “Personalisation”.    At the time it was heralded as a new approach to providing social care which would give people greater freedom and choice over how their care was delivered.  The younger disability groups had long campaigned for its introduction.

I was never persuaded that many older people would be able to manage these new arrangements, which give them freedom to spend money at their own discretion, but also the responsibility of employing staff.

A recently reported case illustrates the problem:-

A 77-year-old gentleman who had looked after his wife for 25 years, received assistance from the Local Authority.   When “Personalisation” came along, the council stopped paying the carer and he was given the money to employ her directly.   Sadly, when his wife died and he no longer needed so much help from the carer, he reduced her hours — then :-

  • She sued him for redundancy pay and unfair dismissal and was awarded £3,500 compensation
  • There is no doubt the carer was entitled to this award under the law but it is a very sad way to end a working relationship, especially at a time of bereavement
  • The council said “nothing to do with us, we are not the employer”, and they are right.  But it is not exactly a caring approach to older people.
  • Meanwhile, the Government that introduced the policy in the first place has long since moved into opposition and they and their successors feel they have no “duty to care” and sure enough

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2 Responses to “Nothing Personal”

  1. This is rather disturbing! New labour I believed under Tony Blair/George Brown were more open minded about the social level of care in our UK society? However if I read this piece of information correctly: My interpretation was one of the big brother union’s ruling the roost and in so relinguishing the care in community payments to individual care payments then the ‘EMPLOYEMENT Laws kick in, and that of liability and contract i.e. between the payer of care and the care provider, and thus in effect making the older generation responsible for employing the Younger generation, by legally binding contracts.
    This smacks of upside down thinking? The older people are vunerable and care is a social requirement and need- The governments employment problems are ours, to share and encourage the younger generation into gainful employemnt_ This is a a different policy that need s to be followed. It is rather clumsy of a political party to sherk its socail responsibilities, and hide the effect of monies provided to vunerable and gullable persons, who by nature are old and weak physically..
    This is not even clear Lib/Cons policy, and needs to be corrected.
    The old may have the assetts but the UK’s future depends on a reliable good hard working younger population, and if they are unable to respect their elders (Mum and Dad), then they maybecome cynical, and denigh all of us any form of social support? Which again should be distributed by the social fabric of the nation and not by crude individual bribes to encourage a suing culture of those wishing to seek employment? Here endeth the lesson. I am off my soap box.

  2. davidwfreeman237 says:

    I am slightly lost on this blogg site today?/ I was blogging on Haley Roy Cropper of Coronation Street soap opera fame. Haley has terminal cancer ( The scriptwriters are giving Haley an exit stratergy through being a terminally ill cancer suffer, and now Haley on New years Eve has Mobility Problems, but a strong mind? the dialogue between Haley /Roy was that Haley’s demise would be at a time and place of Haley’s chosing and that she would let Roy know when this time has come.?
    Justing keeping one updated as some human/personal/ and difficult decsions may be protrayed on the small screen-I just wonder????

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