“Wonder Porridge”

I do not normally look in the Journal of the American Medical Association for recipes about healthy living, but obviously I should have.

They reported on a study at Harvard School of Public Health which looked at the eating habits of 100,000 Americans over a 14 year period.  In that time, a quarter of the participants died – my guess that was from over consumption of burgers, French fries and donuts 🙂

The good news is that those who ate more wholegrain lived longer.  For every ounce of wholegrain you eat a day the study showed you will achieve a 5% drop in mortality.  This is the equivalent of a small bowl of porridge a day.

The even better news is I already eat porridge so I am on the right track.


By my reckoning, if I manage to eat 20 bowls of porridge a day I could live forever.

ManSmilew-BIGboard Cropped 167

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1 Response to “Wonder Porridge”

  1. Wonderful, dreamy and comforting, to believe and think porridge keeps one warm, and the inner soul glowing? I wonder where has youth gone, and all that zest for life? (lead in ones pencil, and dreams of all those conquests Don Wan?).Or are you just to be cosseted in old age or can we still fight in what we believe in? The mind is willing, the body in more of a sorry state! But Hey Ho! I am not quite down and out just yet?
    Keep posting MacDuff, I enjoy and am amused by your tirades and outbursts of human activity!!!
    By the way do you still sit on the park bench every thurs/ friday and natter to the other oldies as you go to and fro for your weekly pension to the post office, (People to meet and chat to?) or are you on line with your bank/money provider in a cyber world of infinite space, and no one to have a natter with? Time to call in at the church hall and have a parish breakfast? ( Here Porridge comes to mind? But that is another story, and all those fairies or is it ships in the night passing one by with tales of wonderment and promises to come? in the forthcoming election???) I wonder where your thoughts are today? Alas your body maybe creaking at the door as your receive all this electioneering and party political bumf! Its a bugger to get disturbed and out of ones chair as one watches the daytime telly such as bargain hunt or other such programmes, full of golden oldies!

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