“Fruit, fruit and more fruit”

Another regular cartoon theme that I have been writing about, is the virtues of eating fruit.  Government advice started with the recommendation of eating 5 a day which is impossible enough.  More recently this has been increased to 7 a day! 

I’m not sure that anyone manages to follow this advice.

The cartoons included in the gallery are listed below and can be found by clicking on the dates in the archive.  

“Eat more fruit and veg 2” – 22 June 2014 – Beans, beans and more beans

“Eat more fruit and veg 1” – 15 June 2014 – Seven a day

“Eat more fruit and veg 5 – 13 July 2014 – Broccoli is trending

“Eat more fruit and veg 3” – 29 June 2014 – Tomatoes, tomatoes and more tomatoes

“Eat more fruit and veg 4” – 6 July 2014 – Bananas

“Eat more fruit and veg 8” – 3 August 2014 – Onions lower blood pressure

“Eat more fruit and veg 9” – 10 August 2014 – Vegetable crisps don’t count

“Eat more fruit and veg 6” – 20 July 2014 – Carrots are good for you and rabbits

“Eat more fruit and veg 11” – 24 August 2014 – Just eat vegetables

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The key question arising from all this advice is that if its healthy benefits are so obvious “why don’t people follow it”?

Maybe it’s because eating fruit doesn’t satisfy your appetite. 


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2 Responses to “Fruit, fruit and more fruit”

  1. interesting, old socks!!! 5 or 7 a day, if we have eaten them, we are with you growing old and gacefully disgusting, bloated and farting all over the place! But at least alive. What one needs is a survey of your readers, and followers of the faith, as to how old they actually are? and for how long have they been following your blogs and much needed advice and matters of interests, for ones soul and ones heart.
    I trust one may find a 90+ year old sharing the site with many 80+, and there again the younger element of 70+, who may still regard your coloums with a health scepticism.
    What ever the outcome, I need my specs to hear, and my hearing aid to see, and my mind young to keep you on your toes: comtemplating what If’s and why for’s in all this university of life’s research programmes. As for the cartoons keep’em rolling they take me back to the 3d front row at the sataday matenee at the local flea house, or flicks as you may have known it in posher circles. Riden cowbow, Hoppalong, Tex rIteer and more comming over the prairies with Jeronemo and the 7th cavalry in hot pursuit!!
    Good day cobber, have a drink on me

  2. davidwfreeman237 says:

    Your www site is interesting in its way, full of associated facts and figures, costs and other superflous material?
    The actual content of this site is more to my taste a taite a taite, as one whiles away onces time, amusing ones mind, keeping ones hands busy surfing the blogs and then drinking in all the utter nonesense that is spouted by a knowlegeable chap like you, and then being amused by the cartoons.
    Life has besides its monments of truth, the lighter side when one should look in the mirror and talk to some old rascal who is chewing the cud, and bringing joy and a good thought process to the days of the reader of this blog: regardlesss of age.!
    Keeping going methusala one day we willl be with you? or miss you/ you are but a puff of wind? But my puff of wind, you old fart?

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