“Same Old, Same Old – Repetitive News Headlines”

I used to follow the news avidly to keep me in touch with the ever-changing world.  I don’t do it so keenly now because standing back in retirement the news doesn’t seem to change that much.  The 24-hour news reporting produces an endless stream of stories that are repeated over and over.

You have to stand right back to get any sense of the direction of change.  So below are some headlines from the last 12 months, related to older people.  They are listed in random order:

“End of cash fares on buses”

“OAPs’ anger at plan to make official forms online only”

“Are you baffled by technology, ask a six-year-old”

“Dementia diagnoses soars by 60%”

“Common drugs linked to dementia”

“Cutting back on fry-ups reduces risk of dementia”

“Crisis in elderly care means millions face miserable old age”

“Elderly who go days without seeing anyone”

“Half of us not saving enough for retirement”

“Appalling level of care at home for elderly revealed”

“Lives of care home residents put at risk through lack of water”

“Fears over assisted suicide laws, by top judge”

“Old people auctioned off to care homes on internet”

“Cheers to retirement”

A host of  headlines which echo the same themes on the issues of later life.  Sadly, only one of them with a positive message.  All the rest expressing doubts and fears about the quality of social care, the inadequacy of health services for the elderly and the increasing marginalisation of the elderly in terms of advances in technology.  Add to this concerns about their financial security, loneliness and the approaching slippery slope of assisted suicide.

It’s no wonder that old age and old people are increasingly seen as a burden not a blessing.  What’s more if we tell them frequently enough, they will inevitably begin to believe it themselves.  The headlines are, no doubt, an accurate reflection of the way our society is moving but it’s a terrible indictment of the age we live in.

How do we turn these Grumbles into Smiles?

I will explore this in a series of blogs that dig a little deeper into what’s behind these headlines.

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2 Responses to “Same Old, Same Old – Repetitive News Headlines”

  1. Dear Oh Dear! Duckie-Quack, Quack! One reading this blog of headlines nay grumbles , one needs a smile or two? to enhance the day!
    Well, where do I start, Old friends, aquantancies, or just my neighbour: For a start it is now 08:00 on Sunday Morning 7th June 2015, some years after my forefathers landed in Normandy at D-Day +1, all those years ago. We as brits and Europeans and the western world, and the world in general have survived to see a bright day dawning since that day in 1945? Do we still have that fighting spirit? I think so: A grumble is but a moan and free at that, our society and world may be frayed at the edgies, but get to the soul, and I believe we are still young at life and fit to fight the dragons of doom, there is light in our hearts, and I trust we have instilled in our children and other young citezens of the UK, and Euope, to belive in a better world?
    We once all escaped emigrated to the new world and america, and all that stood for! Now the modern tide of human flotsam, hopes and belifs are for Europe and the UK, and the world is a smaller place.
    We cannot sell our soul, or our land we do not have enough for our own indigenious population: Can we there fore sell our beliefs for a more equitable and better life, both to those wishing to arrive in Europe and the UK, so that they can be self sufficient and strong enough to fight for their own countries, so that their children and they themselves will create a better world society.
    The world is not perfect, but we cannot all live in one corner of the Globe, we have to share and influance our worldly citezens to be good and generous to their own, and with good societal values to each of our neighbours, such that we can all live in harmony!
    What about the old in the UK? Well did one not dream as a youngster, did not your/ones parents and guardians, elders give you/us or one the insight, of how to share ones aspirations , hopes and some fears with each other. We have had a general election in the UK, have we? Have you made the right choice? if not do you still agree with the majority? We cannot live beyond our means, and charity begins at home, and each one of us must firstly be self sufficient and think and make some provision for that rainy day, either as a individual, or as a family, and as a society we then have to consider how we can help and benifit our neighbours, and citezens.
    Are you smiling yet or is that the face of grimace as with a baby passing wind? I will let one decide, if you do not agree, then grumble, but remember that is free, with no penalty. To cure the problem or to solve takes time! mainly our time and YOUR time ! are you willing??

  2. john graham says:

    Well said David.This is an excellent post that helps put my lament about repetitive headlines into perspective !
    It is too easy to take for granted the hard won freedoms that that so many people fought for in the First and Second World Wars. Respecting the contribution that freedom has given us, also means we have a duty to hold politicians to account and to expect them to cherish and look after the older generation. If they did that more effectively, we would not have so many headlines which portray older people as a burden on society.

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