“Wistful Drinking”

It is really difficult keeping up with all the research on the links between health and longevity.  Only a couple of weeks ago I was delighted to discover that drinking copious amounts of red wine can have beneficial effects on later life (see “Red Wine is f-f-fine by clicking on the previous blog).

I just knew it was too good to be true!

Less than a week later some miserable spoil sport doctors, who are probably all teetotalers, capture headlines in the Daily Mail – 26th October 2015 —- “A month off drinking slashes risk of disease“.      Doctors at the Royal Free Hospital claim stopping drinking alcohol for a month can heal the liver and lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels.Drinking

This is a most inconvenient truth, when I have just started digging a new wine cellar under the house!…….and when Christmas is only just around the corner.   It’s no time to stop drinking…….and Aldi have a two for one offer on an excellent Shiraz at the moment.

I’ll bet the Royal Free Hospital doesn’t even do Vineyards on prescription!

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1 Response to “Wistful Drinking”

  1. Over this weekend, my favourite dish for a quick bite to eat! The jacket potatoe was proclaimed to promote and encourage ‘cancer’,? And yet in my younger day it was the family fry up, and the scottish alleged way of life, lots of walking in a hilly town, and eating every meal of the day that alegedly was preprared and cooked in the frying pan or fried like mars bars or, including fish and chips-my brain food?
    It is a strange old world, from these academic researchers, and some of the specialists in the medical world who pronounce one may be in serious danger of heart (cardiac) problems, or unknown cancers. We appear to be in a period when pancreatic cancer is previlent in the over 60’s just now? I sure some kind person like ‘Popeye’ will remind us to eat more spinach?
    Life is an unknown quantity, can we, can you enjoy it? if you smoke you are ostricised from society, if one is on hasish or some other form of self inflicted drug: what Then?
    there are many ‘doom and gloom’ merchants flogging their wares? as a private citezen, my only wish, is be aware of these foblies/traits, and then make peace with myself and my maker, and trust in my family and forefathers that I have been guided through life as to how to Live an honest and true life without too much rancour for my fellow mans/persons mistaken choices in life!
    I look forward to my societial responsibility of caring what goes on in local and central government, and its many departments dealing with social, health, and practical workplace advice on these subjects (Health And Safety At Work).
    Being of an older age and being maybe cynical and senile, I ask my self :’ Have i heard or seen all this before?’ in my span of a lifetime? has the wheel gone full circle, and now like me -Has the wheel fallen off the wagon?
    What do yoy say kind reader?

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