“Just another drink”

Ever since I’ve been writing this blog, I’ve been following all type of announcements on research into aspects of ageing.  A great many of them fall into the realms of health issues.  As every year passes, you are tempted to clutch the straw of any piece of research advice that offers the potential to extend longevity.  Research and advice on exercise is easy to find but harder to do.  It all requires you to make more effort than usually comes naturally to you.

Similarly there’s a vast amount of information and suggestion on the right type of diet to adopt.  You will see in my tag cloud many references to the healthy virtues of everything from breakfast cereals to every variety of vegetable and numerous unheard of berries and nuts.  I do my best to eat as much of this as possible but I must admit to frequent relapses as I go back to an appetite for good food which has been acquired over a lifetime.

That’s why it’s easier to follow advice on what to drink because other than sourcing the ingredients, it’s not too difficult to achieve.  The problem with drinks is that there is so much advice.  So over the years I’ve started to drink more and more fruit juices – beetroot, apple, orange etc, all recommended by one researcher or another.


(See Fruitful Research 3 which you can find by clicking on the ARCHIVE for January 2011)

Then of course there’s my favourite green tea which frequently features in my blogs ever since I visited Japan.


(See “Green Tea is good for you” by clicking on the ARCHIVE for October 2015)

My favourite recommendation to follow is the copious quantities of red wine recommended to cure just about everything.

red wine

(See “Red Wine is f-f-fine” by clicking on the ARCHIVE for October 2015)

Finally I must not forget the end of the day cup of cocoa aimed at staving off Alzheimer’s.  (See “Night Night, Sleep Tight” by clicking on the ARCHIVE for August 2014).

As if this wasn’t enough, researchers at Harvard Medical School, recently managed to get a leading article in The Times extoling the virtues of coffee.  The research suggests it can lower the risk of death from cardiovascular disease and neurological diseases.  “The cholorogenic acid and lignans have antioxidant effects and might be responsible for the inverse association of coffee and mortality.”  The fact that it’s in The Times is research conducted by an eminent American University, is full of long incomprehensible medical words and has been carried out by a researcher called Ming Ding, absolutely and totally confirms that it must be right and probably preserves life forever 🙂

So it now appears that on top of all my other life prolonging drinks, I will have to consume three cups of coffee a day.   At least I’ll have something more interesting to talk about to the Starbucks Baristas after I’ve told them whether I want sprinkles on my cappuccino.



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3 Responses to “Just another drink”

  1. Initial reaction, ‘sprinkles’ or tinkles, up and down the porcelaine? What one has consummed in the mind, ones body if taken is, or must one be overjoyed, and again ‘Pilly Galore’ what about those water tablets?? or are you free of such ailments.
    Besides being in ‘Rude’ health I will endevour later to be more considerate and little more above my middrifft, when I next reply to this blog. Maybe on the subject of exercises for the older person such as lifting a pint or a snifter or even both, to wish you and the readers Seasonal Greetings, and a Happy New Year. Alas I can only consume ‘Adams Ale’ but I assure you My best wishes are with you all.

  2. Alas! I come here not praise Ceaser, but to Bury him, as Mark Antony said?? And so the acolade goes- But wait, amongst all the adult toys, things to drink and eat: What about that man in the red suit, and Christmas Eve, as we all gather our thoughts and rekindle are love for one and other, and reaquaint ourselves with our own beliefs: Maybe in our own way conerning family and social togetherness.
    I for one only voluntery attend church once a year, that is the childrens Christingle/carol service, on Christmas eve, and witness people I do not know greet each other and children bring the creatures/animals and Christ Figure, with the other figures shepards and Josheph and Mary back to the mother church to be reunited under or by the altar. Wonderful.
    Some of the modern Hymns/carols, are not what I learnt as a youngster in my days at junior, or sunday school: However seeing the whole congregation jion in, and listen to the organist or and musicians melodiously play out the music and melodies, it is heartwarming.
    I still like the rousing Once in royal David’s City, Hark the Hearld angles Sing, While Shepards watch their flock by night, and others, not Good King Wensleslass.
    And then the quiet, with Silent Night, and the Children with Away in a Manger. Memories They are lived once again on Christmas Eve, Not a dream???
    Maybe I may have to re-enter the adult world, but not just yet?

  3. davidwfreeman237 says:

    The Word Not in front of Good King Wenslesass, shoul Read ‘LIKE’
    The word not is entered by mistake???? I trust I have not offended our readers

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