SCRAP Step 6 – Pending Never-ending second round

A bit less de-cluttering joy today— it’s raining.   Perhaps I should put my pending tray out in the rain 😄   A whole new approach to filing — “arbitrary rain filing”.     If it’s sunny you sit out in the garden and read it, but if it rains on it you throw it straight in the bin !   (You can see my other blogs on this theme by clicking on “Clutter” in the TAG CLOUD).

Back to the pending, now called “P N-E tray”— it’s got a name because it’s been around for so long.

Today’s first find is an investment report on my technology shares.   I am client number 38,336, so I must be very important to them.    I get a personally signed letter from their computer.    After their initial advice that technology was such a good area to invest in, it takes quite a few pages to explain why the share price has fallen from £2.53 in 2014 to £1.62 in 2016 !    Strange that technology companies are making billions and my investment advisers operate out of one of the best addresses in London?    Perhaps I should become an investment adviser not an investor.    Another one for the bin.

My second treasure of the day is —- a bank letter this time from their computer, telling me that deposit protection limits are going to fall from £85,000 to £75,000.

What a happy coincidence.    With one of my many spare brown envelopes I can send the bank letter to my investment advisers to let them know my money is less safe.     With another envelope, I can send my technology investment report to my bank to tell them not to worry I have no money left to put in the bank.

If only their computers would talk to each other, I would not need a pending tray, Amazon forests  of paper could be saved and all I need to do is send them my life’s savings to play with and pay for all their high salaries, all-powerful computers and luxurious offices.


That’ s half my P N-E tray gone in a nanosecond.     Gone either up in the clouds or a puff of smoke.

Any better ideas ?

There will be a copy of Walt Hopkins’ and George Simons’ book — “Seven Ways to Lighten Your Life Before You Kick the Bucket” — for the best ideas on de-cluttering.


Wishing everybody a clutter free Happy New Year !



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9 Responses to SCRAP Step 6 – Pending Never-ending second round

  1. The 7 ways to lighten your life before you kicks the bucket???
    Now then 31 December 2016 is fast approaching, as is the month end, the year end, and what with rantings of declutter, I must put my computer files in order-not only for my personal benefit, but that of ‘Big Brother’.
    I have learnt that all my electronic scribblings, thoughts and web protests are recorded on one ‘almighty’ server (GOD) so if or should I put a foot wrong, some little Herbert wish to pursue a jobsworth career, so being a simple marine engineer I delve into my past and wish to review, my life with respect to a ‘Planned maintenance scheme’ as such that would hopefully ensure the ship would sail safely in future on an upright manner and be economic, with its consumables?
    The planned maintenance scheme would be updated weekly, monthly and at the yearly intervals, and off course at dry-dock’s when we had our bottom scraped, and all the staff were issued with fresh nappies, so smelling sweeter for the visits from head office cronies and dignitaries.
    With respect to Dear John and his ‘decluttering’, I have paid respect to the above publication, by Walt & George, so with I hope my analytical and razor sharp mind, and seagoing humour, I wish to comment as below:
    The book has 7 elements-chucket-sucket-ducket-f—et-plucket-trucket- and trucket. To an old wag like me they are mainly self-explanatory.
    John has committed himself to utterings of a cerebral and web like ramblings under the titles:-
    Scrap 1 to 6 with ramblings in cyber space:
    Scrap 1 envelopes this is pure ramblings and I feel comes under the title chucket.
    Scrap 2 pens this is an issue is worth of chucking but with the proviso of donating the excessive number of pens/pencils/crayons to the younger generation.
    Scrap 3 Office desk top accoutrements- staples/staple guns/hole punches/paper clips. This is a deserving title for ducket- evading responsibility for keeping at least a single item of each, for use in retirement.
    Scrap 4 Banking paperwork- this is a more personal and difficult subject deserving of sucket: however with the onset of electronic banking and global servers for ones personal cyber connections-this is a difficult situation, and all I can say if one has sufficient money to burn then have a jolly good bonfire and the list comes under the f—et (buggerit) listing.
    Scrap 5 Old programmes, money off tokens, charity requests and free pens, and other various ‘junk mail (post and do not forget the assaults by the traders who deal on the web- this is a aimple chucket decision.
    Scrap 6 Finance: Here my mind boggles, £75k in anyone financial holding registered as a bank within the UK and then they have to be independent of one and another (very difficult for the ordinary saver to identify??) Again the servers of one using the web puts all communications on one server- BIG BROTHER, and then the ISP web providers such as Yahoo/Google and others, so who’s personal communications are private-Banking/financial or otherwise?? It is all a grey world, and if one declutters does one ducket and keep certain facts for later in life to help prove one case and authenticate the facts.
    So far so good I note John has achieved the first for ideals of life as stated in the book above: As Yet having reviewed my ‘planned maintenance scheme’ I am ready for 2017 with a welcome and looking forward to the Things I may wish to read about John or indeed what I wish to keep I my life after my personal decluttering.

    • john graham says:

      I like this David it shows you have read and understood the book. Now can you apply some of the key messages in 2017 ?
      I have so far only succeeded with a few small bits of paper. There will be many more challenges in the months ahead. I will be pacing myself in the New Year, now my wife bought a pedometer for Christmas.
      3540 steps today

      • Just 10 steps per day (Footsteps)- one needs a bogie or two (Cold) or is it a buggie/scooter in which one can be mobilised??? Both are irritating, and both make one do involuntry exercise??? At My age I am unsure which is the correct one???

    • Very impressive summary, David, of John’s blogs in terms of our book. Thanks!

  2. The ‘PN-ey’ tray has been relegated to a has been, like ‘Britannia’ on the old penny, cast aside for progress. I just wonder if John wishes it still costs a penny to paint the porcelain with his friend ‘percy’? Old age does rely on friends and the convenience of friendly advice from some old rouges, and that occasional passing seafarer. It is life today all up the wall, or Pole.

    • I am in a dither and alcoholic haze with my slangivars/proost, cheers and good health. The footsteps 3540 I assumed in my crazyword were: what you hoping to achieve per annum, and I was being a little indelicate or should I say ranting and raving, I should have such a contraption for my mouth to count the words out and home again? Cheers I may here you say? Alas having sailed the 7 seas, Neptune calls many a fine tune??

  3. last night 30 12 2016 @ 21;00 hours BBC 2 tv I WATCHED THE Marigold hotel Tour- I am very disappointed! The 4 personalities sampled life in Japan/ stage managed and it was not good viewing. The Japanese had got working for remuneration for the over 65’s mixed up with volunteering in retirement,and the Japanese appeared to live solitary lives apart from their early morning exercises. No where did I note a community activity, or social occasion for the over 65’s. As was said on the programme life within an urban area was devoid of childrens’ voices, and human chatter, not noise but conversations, and laughter. Something is missing???
    John were are you? on your thunder box or throne?, is this what you envisaged for old age? I trust not? Otherwise, I will depart with my wife, family and animals on an ‘ARK’ to an haven, and my home port of the Extracare Charitable Trust Retirement Village. While I/we sail there on the sea of life I am sure other can reach such a place refuge with an old fogies ‘Bus Pass’?

  4. davidwfreeman237 says:

    by the way midnight is approaching, have you and yours made your new years resolutions yet?
    Mine are in abeyance and I promise to keep more than I broke last year?

    • Remembering ‘Gracie’ It is ‘Hogmanny’,?? Have you all cleaned your house, had a bath and are sitting down admiring the clean house, and tucking in too those meat pies, tatties, neaps and gravy, ready for 12:00 and then ‘First Footing’/// Do not weaken enjoy the bringing on of the Year 2017!! See and hear from you later alligator! Regards.

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