SCRAP Step 5 – “Pending Never-Ending”

My de-cluttering efforts continue with another assault on papers stacked up in my office.  (You can see my other blogs on this theme by clicking on “Clutter” in the TAG CLOUD).

When I retired, I brought some bad habits with me and set up a pending tray in my office.    Just like all my earlier ones, it was full from the start.    BIG MISTAKE !

Everyone has a pending tray, I had one when I was at work.    Mine filled up in no time at all and for the next thirty years, was never empty again.    Indeed it overflowed into a heap of papers in my PA’s office >> and eventually into a cupboard >>>> then into an archive room  >>>>>and finally into a Portacabin in the car park outside.       After I retired the Portacabin was taken away and destroyed in my memory, —- or perhaps in went to the rubbish tip.

So today, I am going to sort my overflowing pending tray.    After checking to see that there are no £1 notes in there,  I’m going to throw the rest away. Here goes:-

1. A Leicester Tigers Programme from 2015 – last season, nothing special about the match, but I kept it anyway.    I probably have several more in drawers around the house, or in my jacket pockets, or in my car, none of which I will never read again.     An obvious throw-away unless I plan too keep them for 100 years until they are a collector’s item.   That would truly be a long-term investment plan.

2. A clip full of scrap paper for jotting down notes/phone numbers/ addresses/ reminders/ anything really.   Just as long as you are prepared to lose it it the pile of papers.   It is another sort of filing  — ” Out Of Sight Out Of Mind Filing”.     It gives the impression of being organised, but is nothing of the sort.      Some bits of paper disappear for so long that you cannot recall what the note was about 😒    So I think I should SCRAP all my scrap paper.

3. A £10 gift voucher for a shirt, from when I last bought a shirt.  The catch is that you can only redeem it if you spend another £50 on more shirts.   Anyway it expired six months ago.   So that can go in the bin too.

4. More vouchers, from a local garden centre, sent to me in the winter and to be used by March 31st 2016.    Obviously you have to have a time schedule for spending all these vouchers, which does not exactly fit with my idea of a relaxed retirement.    I don’t think I am a voucher person 😄     Since it is now December 2016 and I’ve missed the expiry date, this is another one for the bin.

5. Unsolicited charity letters asking for a donation.   Once you give them money for the first time and provide them with your  details, you are on their limpet-like data base.   You become their “friend” for life !    You can never “unsubscribe”.   Like the Hotel California ” you can never leave” This de-cluttering is fun —- so much fun — I am almost beginning to enjoy it 😄


Thank you Walt and George for starting me down this trail of tears.      My hour of happiness is over.     I will start again tomorrow on the never-ending-pending tray.

There will be a copy of Walt and  George’s book — “Seven Ways to Lighten Your Life Before You Kick the Bucket” — for the best ideas on de-cluttering.

The best ideas for faster SCRAP clearance could win a prize !!!!! mansmilew-bigboard-cropped-184

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3 Responses to SCRAP Step 5 – “Pending Never-Ending”

  1. Dear John, did you watch on BBC2 Tv last night The Marigold Hotel Tour part 1 at 21:00. It has taken me back to 2002 when Molly and I first came across you John and the vision of the Retirement villages under the Extracare Charitable Trust, in Coventry.
    Dear John do not be in too much of a hurry to de-clutter? Saviour the moments
    I attach my comments to the BBC complaints desk for your information below:
    Broadcasts schedules Tuesday 27th. December at 21; 00 hours, and Friday 30th. December 2016 at 21:00 hours.
    Dear Sir,
    I have enjoyed the part one of this broadcast and look forward to Part 2. The celebrities are all single, and of an elder age, and two allege to be of a sexual preference. One celebrity is outspoken, accused persons of being ignorant and small minded. (If the cap fits wear it comes to mind??). A Crass taped interview on the programme was with an American lady; who was a survivor of the holocaust in Europe, and the celebrity likening Trump with Hitler! When the lady was trying to explain the lack of choice in the American Political system. People in glass houses should not throw stones, and the celebrity had no respect or regard for the fact she was the guest, not the host: I believed this was in very bad taste, and did not represent a thoughtful older person from the UK with respect for the American way of Life?
    However as always the programme for its faults was salacious and entertaining, and I look forward to Part 2.
    This in my main point in writing however: I live in ‘Silverville’, and have done since it opened, with my wife. (2007)
    I would wish to comment constructively, if you the royal BBC/OU had taken the points made at the open forum of the ‘Silverville’ Programme, and with your 4 celebrities had conducted a more mature research programme, likening what you have now found in Florida USA and ‘Silverville’ the postives of growing older within a retirement society ( One USA based one UK Based), you may have been encouraged by what those who had and have the vision of living in a retirement village environment, enjoy and how they/we follow the dream that was envisaged and possible if we all worked and pulled together.
    Life is not as Wayne Slepe states about the fulfilment of work, until one drops of the perch? Life is to enjoy and live, and extend the enjoyment in life one has with one friend’s partners, and neighbours.
    ‘Silverville’ was about the ravages of older age, and possible problems one faced, with a few lighter moments! It did not expand on human nature and how we can all love and respect one and other with our foibles.
    The concept of the actual Retirement Villages under your ‘Silverville ‘ banner, are an example to behold ( not the conclusions you the BBC drew; all though they do deal with the practicalities of health in old age) and could have shown the true spirit of human endeavour. Our Patrons deserve a big thank you, especially from Me Personally.

    • davidwfreeman237 says:

      John I could not find you piece or Phil Humes comments on the retirement complex in Arizona. The programme above was filmed in the state of ‘Florida’ both gated communities, one for the very rich and one for the middle americans.

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