Tidy Bears and Flower Vases

The Bears are continuing there relentless search for clutter to de-clutter. Peter Rabbit and is the smart one in the team and he thought they should change their name to the Tidy Bears.     “That would leave John totally responsible  for all the clutter.  It is not fair to blame Bears for his mess everywhere 😈”     All the other Bears said ” Yes that is quite right !” 😈😈😈😈😈

Today they have noticed that there are a lot of empty flower vases hidden around the house.

Big Ted thought that some of the rooms in the house looked rather bare now that John had been de-cluttering everywhere.   So he said to all the Bears,  “Let’s have a Bear hunt and see if we can find where John has hidden them”

Holly Bear was foraging for food and decided to use her red scarf to haul herself up to the top kitchen cupboard.  ” I didn’t find anything to eat, because the cupboard was full of flower vases.”

Whitey Bear wanted to think for a while and then a lucky thing happened.   ” I sat down in the inglenook fireplace in the kitchen and when I leaned back in the rocking chair —- I could see more vases hidden behind a box of vegetables. Perhaps John thought that was a tidy place.”  Whitey Bear thought.

Pyjama Bear said “I was just having a little afternoon nap in the cupboard under the stairs.  When I woke up and looked at the back of the cupboard,   John had tidied 6 vases out of sight in a drawer.  That is a daft idea because you can’t put flowers in a cupboard.”

Patch went to the far end of the house and reported back to Big Ted. ” “I found 6 empty flower vases in the cupboard  under the sink. I wonder why on earth John put them there?”

Peter Rabbit burrowed under the desk in the study. “I discovered four big glass vases and a lovely decorated vase that MO had made. It is a shame not to use it. I don’t know what John could have been thinking of, hiding it away.”

Little Ted said “I searched high and low and couldn’t find a single thing, just like John.    I am not very good at finding things and  John is better at losing things.”

Now they have rounded up all the vases Big Ted  announced ” I have a Grand Bear Plan.   We should send John out every week to buy MO flowers to fill up all the flower vases and then they wouldn’t be clutter any more.   That’s more fun  and the bees will be able to make more honey for our tea.” 

Any better ideas for lots of flower vases ?

There will be a copy of Walt Hopkins and George Simons’ book — “Seven Ways to Lighten Your Life Before You Kick the Bucket” — for the best ideas on de-cluttering.

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1 Response to Tidy Bears and Flower Vases

  1. davivid w freeman says:

    Recently, ”bearly?” a day goes past without a loving phtoograph of the bears one and all! It gladdens the heart, and all though as a midlander your search ot the vases, and fill them with delightfully fresh spring flowers, I wonder as a northerner where oh where have my ”varses”? gone? vase-varse or vaorse? who cares? the contents carry the meaning of contentment, and conceal much happiness.
    ps. were the flowers from your garden, or a sprig or bouquet from one of the many flower shops in or around Warwickshire? the secret is your John to keep, and for Mo I trust to enjoy. ( A birthday missed or a spontaneous gift of Easter and the beckoning of springtime? maybe the Bears know the answer?)

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