SCRAP Step 30 – Travel Books.

Walking through your travel books is like walking through the leisurely chapters of your life.    Whenever we go on holiday I always collect tourist books and maps either before we travel or more likely when we get there.     This all started long before the days of iPads, Google Earth and Wikipedia, but even today I am still more content with a guide book or a good map.     I haven’t learned to totally trust TripAdviser or satnav.

On this occasion I only had one bookcase to de-clutter, but it took me the best part of an afternoon rambling through the many parts of the USA we have visited over countless years.   Sifting through hotel guides.   Driving down the highways and byways of France and Italy.   Flying in and out of the history of Prague, Vienna, Amsterdam,Copenhagen, Monaco, Barcelona and jet setting to Tokyo.    A brief and happy look back over my shoulder 😀

There were many others but they are lost in the mists of time or yet to  be retrieved on a misplaced shelf.    I am still looking for the one on Lapland.

One last joyful discovery was a clutch of books on Abergavenny.    Not a tourist destination for me, rather a starting of point.    Virtually my whole world until I was eighteen.   Until then London was the remotest part of the world I had travelled to.

There must be a better idea for using old travel books :-).     Any inspiring ideas ?

There will be a copy of Walt Hopkins and George Simons’ book — “Seven Ways to Lighten Your Life Before You Kick the Bucket” — for the best ideas on de-cluttering.

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3 Responses to SCRAP Step 30 – Travel Books.

  1. davivid w freeman says:

    Oh dear ”boyooh! I look at he carton, tom has graced you in snow, bald as a badgers backside, no specs, and asking a question? If you did have hair would be as white as the pure driven snow? like yourselF? A boy from the valleys, you have come far, and a good missionary to us wags of englishmen. I leave you alone with your foreign travel books, and those pigeon english phase books of all the foreign tongues you must have at least attempted to converse in?
    One thing i am sure of your vision of life for the older person within the UKplc, was a good one, and I am enjoying the trip so far, with Molly.
    ‘I’pads tablets and computers, are a lifeline, but the written word, with all its errors of incorrect spelling and miss pronunciation give me a warm feeling of being human, and fallible.

    • john graham says:

      Thought you had gone away somewhere. Hope you enjoy the tripe/trip and my misspelling. I guess I have not travelled to as many far flung places as the old sea dog😀

      • davivid w freeman says:

        No great travels this weekend! after wednesdays trip down the M1, m25 and down the M23 for a day in Brighton. Lovely sea air, no ice cream, just a tea and coffe and a trip On British Airways i360 on the seafront: Lovely views of the hinterland and out to sea-a little windy.
        The trip back M23, M25 via Dartford this time, M1 and home: what an error 5 hours in the car, contiuous with a break at Potters Bar for the gents!- trouble at mill lad around the Dartford Crossing

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