Advertising Income

I must be coming into a fortune soon, because adverts keep appearing after my latest posts.   I seem to have become the must-have sponsor of  a lot of new products.

It all started with fitness and beauty products.  I could quite understand why companies would want to use me to endorse the new goods, in fact I was flattered.   I could immediately see the advantages of me becoming the new David Beckham.    Of course I am a bit too old for football now, but I will be well suited to TV appearances.

The latest advert to mysteriously appear with my GrumbleSmiles posts, is rather less glamorous.   It’s an advert about skin cream for moles.   I’m not sure this is something that I really want to promote as it doesn’t quite fit with my Beckham-like image of myself.  Also, I’m not sure if the product really works.   I’ve tried rubbing the cream all over my lawn and yet the moles still keep coming.

I wonder what on earth these adverts will throw up next!   Still, the millions of pounds of sponsorship money doesn’t seem to have arrived yet.    Perhaps they will come in tomorrow’s post.

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3 Responses to Advertising Income

  1. I just wonder John? you are a fine figure of a man, slightly rotund, maybe and do these advertisements affect your health? Moles and skin blemishes, maybe, but then what about fitness, where have those ‘RENNIES’ Tablets gone for indigestion, and some of ‘BOOTS’ chemists store remedies gone for ‘ flatulence’? and then insomnia??? Your Blog and the sponsors are full of Bull and bluster, and turn one, into a person with a wish to take a nap, after reading and digesting all the available information-Harmless but enjoyable!! Keep it up John, and also the sponsors with their support! For us oldies and retirees it is a pleasant way to spin time together.

  2. My memoirs
    A love letter to Dear John, not an aurivior? Goodbye?? but a treasured insight in memory lane.
    Your recent Blogs on this website have been, the effects of loneliness, and dementia, before I fall out of my tree, I wish to share some insight with you of my younger days.
    I was a marine apprentice [engineer] 1959 to 1964. During my first year at Constantine college, Middlebrough in the summer break I was missioned to learn more of the engineering world, and dispatched to British Thomson Houston Works [BTH] in Rugby, who were general electrical power plant manufactures switch boards motors, generators AC and DC, turbine and gearbox engineers. {The first worlds gas turbine was developed here by??? the name escapes me now?[frank whittle]- and tested in the BTH turbine testing facilities- the rest as they say is history!} however I digress, the lodging house for the 6 week duration at the Rugby Works, was in Hillmorton, in their apprentices boarding house, in Hillmorton Rugby Road. It was full of scallywags and run by a paternal lady who was quite a character in her own right { a bright eye for any come hither gentleman}. In the evenings the Lady at or in the public house opposite Now according to google maps called the ‘BELL Inn’, where we under age would be served a shandy or beer, but no spirits, by the lady. The house/lodgings we were in I believe now also on Google maps has become the ‘Manor Hotel’- Dream on Mcduff, we are all now Gar! Gar! and respectable???
    During my 6 weeks at the works, we went to other BTH works on days out such as lamp works Leicester and a works that produced small fractional horse power electric motors AC and DC. At the time BTH were being swallowed up into the Associated Electrical Industries conglomerate [AEI].
    During the summer 6 week break BTH invited not only us as apprentices, but University students, who were undecided in their career paths, and on our days out [ in a coach to these other works] I was educated, into the ways of the mans world?? Songs of ill-repute, bawdy language and rhymes from the rugby paying scholars-my schools council played football,- a little anglo-saxon, and beer swilling. During our weekends we would walk in the local countryside around Hillmorton, sometimes on the banks of the Oxford canal, just to acquaint our selves with waterbourne transport {Barges-ships}
    My colleague apprentice from Bolton Technical College and I meet up again prior to our seagoing ship appointments, and exchange many a pleasant memory of Rugby and Hillmorton.
    So you see John, in my youth, I have trod some board near to what you now call home. Happy memories, and cheers, these days I drink just shandy [Bitter or IPA]. David

  3. just a note, the song repertoire I was taught on the trips out was ‘Maagie Maggie’ May”, Ilkley Moor Bahtat!, and the last song I am still humming the tune and thinking of the final verses ‘ ESKIMO NEL! and of course the old favourite ‘OH Sir Jasper’
    How strange these things popback into ones memory, as one ages and has to show and display decorum??? What the HELL!!!

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