Cloud Surfing – Alaska with Cap and a Moose

GrumbleSmiles was set up to provide innovative answers to tackling the problems of loneliness in later life.    Many older people are less able to get out and about, which can be the first steps towards a life of isolation.

My travels around the clouds continue (you can see more of my travel adventures by clicking on CLOUD SURFING in the TAG CLOUD).   Today I invite you to join me on a trip to unknown destinations around the world and an opportunity to talk to new and interesting people.    All at no cost and from the comfort of your own armchair.

We are continuing cloudsurfing in Alaska.

Courtesy of a blogger and photographer Cap Chastain.  We visited with Cap earlier last year when he told us about his interesting experiences with a Moose in the woods.  Now it appears the Moose has followed him to his neighbour’s house.


His neighbours Bea and Terry have a remote cabin in the woods.

It looks like an idyllic getaway but it comes with some surprises when you look out the window and see a Moose eating your strawberries.

You can see the full story by clicking on the link to Cap’s blog below:

In the weeks ahead, I will publish more blogs and photographs from my cloud surfing travels.

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3 Responses to Cloud Surfing – Alaska with Cap and a Moose

  1. Most interesting! This brings back a period in my working life when I worked for a Swedish Turbine Manufacture of marine steam turbine plant.
    Part of my employment training was a works induction course at the main plant in FINSPONG, near Knorskopping, just south of Stockholm. The senior managers invite me with my family [wife and two infant children to stay in a works accommodation, which we enjoyed. visiting the various places around southern Sweden.
    During one weekend, and the evenings during the week we went in our company car, with the kids on ”MOOSE HUNTS” in the local forests around Finspong. Needless to say we never even espied a ”MOOSE’ [ELK], but the chase was most entertaing.
    The ‘Blogger’ CAP, has brought forward in picture form what we may have missed?? Great!!!!

  2. Philosophy.-in old AGE.
    I have had a few moments with my own thoughts on Jan and Cap bloggs in this Smiles and Grumbles web site? The pictures bring to life other peoples travels, basically in Washington State, and Alaska in the USA: John has added a note that loneliness and isolation in old age, can be a prison of ones actual surrounds, and more worrying of ones own mind and memories?
    John has fought many a battle on this front, in his working life, and now in retirement, with his connections in Extracare the Charitable Trust, and Hanover Housing, and others, developing accommodation for the elderly from necessary accommodation with dedicated care and support for all in dedicated units of some 65/8 elderly tenants in number to a more radical view point of a retirement village concept with some 250+ units/apartments, with domiciliary care and support, for those elderly residents who may need it?
    As a registered resident of a retirement village in the Extracare Charitable Trust I have found the process of thought, living, and partaking in the village most invigorating.
    What I have come to this view, and why now it has been endorsed is my very recent visit up to family in the West Riding. I was listening to accounts of a in-law family members married and some age late 70’s early 80’s. They were by the younger members of their family declared in need of care and support: The wife had suffered loss of memory and dementia, the husband essentially was the declared carer- however the children found a care home which would accommodate them both, and let them live together as husband and wife. Unfortunately the wife’s senile dementia progressed into full time support, and at the same time the husband developed heart problems, and ultimately a heart attack, and a medical finding that he physically could no longer support his wife, with day to day care such as physical help in and out of the seating positions, or toileting and other personal requirements. The younger members of the family once again made the decision to move them both into dedicated a nursing home. Here comes the ‘’RUB’’ the brother/in law of the couple visited the pair in their nursing home surroundings, the care to each of them was excellent, the room for their private occupation was a large double bedroom, with a window and television, but it did not offer easy seating to relax within the confines of the room. Daily the husband and wife were taken down to a communal large lounge, were chairs all comfortable were spread around the room, and where there where lots of various activities and exercises, [physical and mental], where to be enjoyed. The nursing home had/has excellent support and care, it is tastefully decorated!: What the family observer’s noted and felt restrictive was the imaginative thoughts of free physical movement, and the interaction of new thoughts and the meeting of elderly ageing persons with mobility and free thoughts of association???
    This is a problem faced by all of us as we grow old, and I gently reflect in my personal experience in my Extracare Retirement village.
    My wife and I initially after retirement from full time work, became aware of a new Extracare Retirement village in our town, and its facilities, layout of the 254 apartments, [some 1 or 2 bedroom, all with lobby, a kitchen, wetroom with toilet facilities, a sitting room of reasonable proportions,- pull cords and fire detection system in all spaces, a central call phone facility activated by the pull cord system {connected the 24 Hour support staff}- communal aerial connections for telephone and Media available in in the bedrooms and sitting room] and then the general village facilities:- cafe-bar area/restaurant/hair stylists/library/corner shop/laundry room/woodwork and craft rooms/meeting rooms/ a communal hall and stage for that -cabaret show/dance and theatrical shows{pantomime}: full time staff for wellbeing/locksmith/support-domiciliary care, and full time back up management and maintenance team, and an open dialogue with management through a residents association, and in house magazines. It is a full drawer of facilities, which involves the management team with volunteers from friends and families of the residents, true integration and understanding of all, resolving, rejecting and a health respect for the alternative views!!!
    WE do not regret and are very pleased that we made the our joint decision when we were 65/63years old on joining the Extracare Retirement Village; we have made friends, meet colleagues, and still now we are 75/73 old, and most importantly we have come to understand and enjoy our fellow residents, and grown tolerant of the foibles of old age. We have with or without mobility aids the daily opportunities to meet and chat to our fellow residents and either talk about the days events {nationally-locally], or just pass a few minutes passing the time in memories, common to us all, or particular to one personally.
    A life style I would recommend, and with a message to think about life before the ravages of time catch up with one?? Think on,think hard!!!
    Life is for living, and if you have the chance, make the opportunity work for you and your partner, so that in the eventual end of life; the left partner has a choice of joint memories, and neighbours/friends to share those precious moments!!! At the end of the day we are all in the same boat, and we all look out at same horizon/vision of a retirement village developed by the Extracare Charitable Trust.

    • Just in case I forgot, ? In the retirement village is a fitness gym with advisers to help program any ‘back to fitness regime’ one may require {heath or style of living}. Then there is a Greenhouse and various garden plots [including raised beds] that one can partaking and enjoy.

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