Over the last few weeks the Last Laugh Looney Party has gathered together a truly eclectic collection of candidates for the European Parliamentary Elections.   With the right sense of humour in the British Electorate, they are confident of being selected to enter the European Parliament, at least for the next few months until Britain finally BREXITs.

Their basic guarantee to the British Electorate is that they will spend their time in the European Parliament, jumping up and down and shouting their slogans.   Just like they’ve seen all other MPs do over the last two years, while they’ve been discussing BREXIT.  They will do this until the 27 countries in the European Parliament finally throw their hands up in exasperation and say LEAVE.

The LLLP will agree to this on one condition :-

The European Commission agrees to pay Britain £39 billion Euros in compensation for no longer being part of the European experiment 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

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  1. I am back in the school yard, doing ‘skipping’ French style {two ropes consecutively], I only ask ‘how high do I jump, before my head is chopped off/ and what is the minimum height before I am tripped up? Which every way I go, or skip, I am entangled within the two ropes, unless I exit at the end of the ‘skipping rhyme’ with dignity.
    Am I talking bunkum, or just dancing a merry tune???
    PLEASEVOTE FOR THE LLLP,we may still be around when all have lost interest in ‘BREXIT’.
    Do not forget to send your monies to the Raggamuffing Society care of the LLLP, where the investment will be wisely used.

  2. Alleluia, the Last Laugh Loonie Party EU votes like all the rest with in the EU are subject to a tight security procedure, and may be the count will be reveals some time next week in early JUNE 2019.
    The media today Friday 24 May are shouting about the PM Theresa May has named her resignation date.
    WELL as a nation we are going to the dogs! and I believe the LLLP needs a new party policy on whom or who we would accept as our nations leader.
    We expect the candidates to be upstanding and yet” bent as a nine bob note”!!!
    My first candidate is ”Shergar” a horse of outstanding breeding, and a dead cert.
    My second candidate is RED RUM a multi winner, also a dead cert??
    My Third candidate is ‘Shankes Pony’ a true blue, dim witter but a true plodder through the course?
    My Forth candidate is ”Paddy’s nail’ A SURE DEPOSIT for my money, and bet, strewn all over the floor, for everyone to see.
    Again Please read the bumf and do vote for us, supporting us through the LLLP ragamuffin society, your monies and post card to the usual address please- Cash and cheques only!!!

  3. for the LLLP leaders vote, or is it the National conservative vote?? I have forgotten one contender ‘ The Dead Ringer’, anybody’s vote as a staking horse!!!!
    Yeah!! Yeah!!, round up cowboy, Giddy up rawhide, as they used to say in the good old days of the TV western?

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