World Pangolin Day

Who would have guessed there would be,

“World Pangolin Day”,

and coincidence of coincidences ,

that is my birthday😀

I guess that is where I must have first heard the word.

And pangolin must have lodged in my head.

Just waiting there until something was said.


Now I will have to get a flag to wave.

and a tee shirt that says :-



Then I find there is a cornucopia

of Pangolin products.

Pangolin mugs, Pangolin pictures, 

Pangolin books and Pangolin poetry.


Seems like the Pangolin is not so anonymous after all.

Maybe they even have a Pangolin charity ball ?

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3 Responses to World Pangolin Day

  1. Read, listen you old rouge, you ‘ground squirrel’ you in ‘americanese’, is this really your birthday, or are you looking in the mirror and sympathy from us all, for drawing your pension, and spending the day nonchalantly sleeping in the chair, when Mo! is not chasing you?
    How dare I be so rude??? I offer deepest apologies to this old friend-”DEAR JOHN”, and politely ask are you 65+ or do you have a golden age?
    AS my children would ask’ how many candles did you put on the cake daddy? did you have to call the fire brigade as all the bunting caught alight, and set the house on fire.
    May be a quite moment with Mo, what a film staring then the younger ‘Cliff Richards’ -‘the young ones’, and bringing back all those memories of youth, and feelings of ‘It great to be young of Mind’! Never mind the ‘old buffers around me? But then I am in the station, hard up against the ‘buffer; in a place called an ‘Extracare RETIREMENT Village, and all us old ‘buffers’ may be and are thankful for the visions that The Extracare Charitable Trust had back in those days gone past!!
    ‘p.s. Dear John happy birthday, when ever it is???? David and Molly.

  2. john graham says:

    World Pangolin is on 16th February and I will probably think I am about 60 by then 😀

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