Last Laugh Looney Party Election Manifesto

It rather looks like the whole group of current political parties have totally banjaxed the Brexit question, unless there is a last minute climb down by the European Parliament.    I am still betting they will fudge it in the end and cobble together a half in / half out solution.

 BUT, just in case I am wrong and we need to be prepared for a General Election.   So the LLLP is dispensing with all talk of coilitions and going for an outright win.    It believes the public is totally fed up with the current group of  politicians and with their hollow promises.

So here are some first thoughts :-

  • Step 1 — The  cost of the civil service to manage Government expenditure was £687 billion in 2011,  so goodness only knows what it is  now.   The LLLP will halve the civil service overnight —— no need for exit interviews just a simple enie meanie minei mo will do.    Of course there will be outrage about this, but it will blow over when everybody realises how much money will be saved.
  • Step 2 — The UK Overseas Aid budget was £14 billion in 2017, the LLLP will give everybody £2,300 to every man, woman and child from the new LLLP Over-Here Aid budget, which used to be called the Overseas Aid budget,   If individuals disagree with this they can still give their share to charity.   Then they will close down the Department of International Affairs altogether.
  • Step 3 — scrap the BBC licence fee and their Government grant,  this is an act of pure LLLP vindictiveness for taking free TV licences for older people.   The BBC costs almost £4 billion a year, the LLLP will pass the saving to all pensioners by increasing the state pension by £200 per year.    No doubt this will mean the BBC will have to cut back to endless repeats in future, so nothing much will change.
  • Step 4 — Scrap the House of Lords and replace them with a People’s Senate selected by lottery  of the whole voting population to serve for only one year.   Currently the House of Lords costs us about £65 million a year.  Cutting it down from over 800 Peers to 100 Senators will save a lot of hot air and should only cost peanuts.
  • Step 5 — halve the size of the House of Commons by the toss of a coin.  Heads your in, tails your out.   No fat pensions, no big redundancy payments, just get a proper job like everyone else.    The annual cost of around £250 million should also be halved and the savings be given to Battersea Dogs Home.   At least that is Coco’s suggestion 🐶


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2 Responses to Last Laugh Looney Party Election Manifesto

  1. Excellent!!! More more! But now you have banjaxed me? asked me to think of a carefully con-cocked election manifesto,Maybe? I am a totally confused?
    I read this saturday 10th Aug 2019 in the media, to be precise the ‘Daily Mail’; that font of all knowledge, and while the paper pretends not to be bias, but popular? Bias in the way that it prints and presents the widest view points in current political beliefs, so that tomorrow it can pronounce itself, neutral , and wise????
    I refer to pages 26-27 ‘The new Tax bombshell’ by Dominic Sandbrook, written as his ‘saturday essay’
    It was uncomfortable reading, but provoking, and asking this aging society of ours, as a the UK Nations average age profile nears the age of retirement, and the ”welfare state” issues we have to deal with today such as the NHS and the social welfare policies we have inherited, and who pays???
    Those working allegedly claim that they do not earn sufficient, while raising a family and working to pay that extra tax levy? while us oldies, have worked ourselves out have paid thorough out our working life, taxes and NI believe we have earned the right to demand a tax free and socially supported life style???
    There is an element of truth in all the points of discussion in the ‘Daily Mail’s Dominic Sandbrook’s’ piece, and there again the Last Laugh Loonie Party, is mirroring current dissatisfaction with the whole affairs of our political ‘elite’, and the government of the day??? What do we all wish as individuals, there is only so much money in the ”POT” and yet so many of us? what is fair and equitable??? I do not believe in total socialism polices, nor total conservatism policies: However I believe we all have to look into the mirror, and at each other, accept the ‘yoke’ of a ”fair days work for a fair days pay”, and we need a little more deep thinking, than ‘navel gazing’ and ‘Britex’,
    where do we as a nation wish to be, and with safety and security look after our own families.
    We need leaders in the british houses of parliament, with a human touch, and a policies of socially fair to all, not pampering to only one section of the society, It may take courage, it will take money?? However I believe it we follow fair and equitable polices, with true beliefs and trust in our en-devours, then the money will follow? Not the green eyed money out to make a profit at any cost,, with the policy of ‘the devil care’s less”
    We need a more understanding and tolerant society, these are words, I agree, but the deeds are our belief in our leaders, and our own ability to vote at an election in what we as individuals believe in!!! Do not waste ones vote!! It is your power as a citizen.

  2. L am not so sure of COCO’s suggestion? Halve the House of commons members! This appears to be the wilful majority at the moment with NI and scotland causing the heartache in any ‘Brexit decision?
    I would like a more rounded and considered opinion of where this Nation of nations or ours as the UK & NI are going, I am sure the ‘snouts will be in the trough’ pigging there way to a free load of goodies.
    What is required is a good farmer with his sheep dogs to round the flock up and lead them safely home from the fells and hills, not for their annual ‘fleecing’ but to a place of security, and safety, with a warm feeling of ‘bonhomie’ not trousers down or nickers down, and stuff you all from our allegedly friendly politicians.

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