£Trillion Ideas

Here’s the first idea for spending  our new found wealth and having fun, by showing how important older people are in society.     As a result of our politicians being so ineffective in the last ten years, older people need to make their voices heard much more loudly in future.  The next decade is going to be the era of public demonstrations about anything and everything.

Look what a difference a young child -Greta Thurnberg – made to raising the profile of climate change around the world.

Older people can learn from young people and do the same for social change and the ageing of society.

Greta and a bunch of young people just skipped school one day and picked up a load of placards and took to the streets.  When it went viral with lots  of media attention children were attracted to the idea of a day off school👬

So how would you get thousands of older people protesting and what about ?

Here’s an idea for the first few demonstrations about the things older people have been complaining about for years.

You can find earlier posts on this by clicking on the archive for August 2017 and finding my blog entitled “LLLP Brexit Negotiations on Gadgets”.

If you don’t want older people to read or understand things, for instance legal terms and conditions, the frequently used approach is to write it in small, unreadable print, like this is!

But don’t do it!  It’s not age friendly.

You can find earlier posts on this by clicking on the archive for July 2017 and finding my blog entitled “LLLP Brexit Packaging Negotiations”.


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7 Responses to £Trillion Ideas

  1. To be genteele
    How!!! Old chap, how many feathers do you have in your ‘bonnet-head-dress, wig?’ You are spouting well with your knowledge of LLLP/BRITEX, and the older more gentle generation of the UK. Your ‘Blog’ asks us to think of the modern day, not society, but the population in general, the younger ones {Swedish School girl on a mission to turn the world Green?}, The middle aged to support BODJ and his promises in Northern Britain of a fairer society, and then your wheases on old age-creaking bones, modern gadgets Keep on coming cowboy: ridem high in the saddle as the point driver/cowboy.
    That’s the ‘claptrap ‘ done! Now some more serious thinking, or should I say trivia?
    I have an email account, select and personal, however If I shut all the electronic doors, I have just nothing? AH! Poor soul, you may say? Yes I agree, my immediate and family connections are by phone [land-line and mobile], and we recognise the importance of a ‘one to one exchange of banter, and greetings’. The land-line has just an answer phone- but hey! Fellow readers I have remote and distant calls from people/companies I have no knowledge off? What are they after??? me or money, investments, spending or both, and often the return call is to an external country of the UK, or a ‘magic mobile phone’? Should I answer the calls? If I do then I am engaged to be ‘baffled/bamboozled’.
    Next the computer, screening calls is a confusing and complex subject for me? I enjoy communication’s, reading, and then if required or desirous filing and or discarding, as one does with newsprint or a junk mail from ‘Postie’ [royal mail].
    One of the pieces of email I am receiving is ‘Joyous messages’ from the as elected Conservative Party of the UK. { I gently enquired or answered an EMail concerning BRITEX, suggesting I required the ‘for,s and against’s’ arguments before I would contemplate a response to the policy off ‘IN Or OUT’? My mistake, I now get messages allegedly personal from the Chairman of the UK Conservative Party, and ‘’HIMSELF’’ Boris PM!!!-The message is a thank you for my concerns, how well the conservatives are addressing the social problems in Northern Britain, and how many ‘bongs’ on BIG BEN on the 31 Jan 2020, and other bits of ‘tittle tattle from the ‘true blues’ HOWEVER the crucial message when sign off by these alleged noble people, is ‘’’’[ JOIN THE CONSERVATIVE PARTY, AND PAY A SUBSCRIPTION SO WE HAVE FUNDS TO FIGHT (THE GOOD FIGHT ON YOUR BEHALF) FOR OUR POLICES TO BECOME REALITY????] –OH DEAR! At my delicate age I wish to hear common sense from all UK Political Parties, and my donation at the end of the day is my vote, : Not an unending, open ended bankers order of subscription?
    The House of LORDS To YORK, what is this all about, are the oldies being corralled into NORTHERN ENGLAND, like a herd of cattle, just fodder for the abortaire [Slaughter house- the correct spelling escapes me-sorry], or is it that Swiss Centre-Clinic for euthanasia.
    Where the hell! Will I wind up??? I trust in a retirement village, with distant music, common sense, and old souls who have and do appreciate the finer points of life, and can live happily growing older gracefully with true support, and with a feeling of family and community that care!!!!!!

  2. Well now as an avid TELE watcher and Saturday [January 2010] nights BBC1 tv, the programme ‘Casualty’ and the story lines?
    The first story l Duffy and Charlie, and the effects on personal life and relationships with family and friends, with the onset of ;senile dementia- extremely thought provoking, and the story line two: the relationships sexual and cohabiting with the same sex, again provoking, with regards inter-relationships and race relations innuendo.
    My mind is in neutral, but not closed to the ideas being discussed, and the possible problems that face each of us, and in society in general as we age beyond in greater numbers the age of 75+?
    Who has a solution, society???, and if they propose some drastic remedies???, are we ready to advise what is a common sense solution with feelings and care????
    WE are the guinea pigs, channeled by the current thought police!!!

  3. year 2020 January the ‘casualty story line! Please note

  4. The time is now 08.34 Tuesday January 27th. 2020, I am drifting and dreaming? Is this the ‘SMILES and GRUMBLES ‘? Website by that older established ‘BLOGGER’ the right Honourable OBE Chappie-John Graham???
    I just wish to wistfully poke my finger over my computer keys on its keyboard, and reminisce!!! If that is OK with you reader?
    I go back in years to the late 40’s 50’s and early60’s and steam radio!!
    My family were with the CCG in Hamburgh and the radio was our reminder of home, and Sunday, with the midday meal, was enjoyed then at maybe 13.00 The light programme would have ‘Two Way Family Favourites, and the popular tunes of the time (standards[Joan Regan, Bing Crosby and a few more ).. WE then came back to blighty, and settled in West Yorkshire 1949-late, We still had the steam radio [valve set), and again on a Sunday the ritual was lunch and listen to the Light Programme-News was on the Home service-very austere!- and listen to two way family favourites [was it Pete Murrey and a lady I cannot remember], and then Life with the Lyons and BBE Daniels,, Ted Ray, and off course Billy Cotton-with alan breeze–curses I have the right programmes but not the right schedules, I have miss placed the years?
    Then time of school with a cold or sore throat (I had had a tonsceltimy in Hamburg], I would with Mum listen again to the radio- Light programme ” listen with mother, and that tune ‘The runaway train ran over the hill and she blew, blew, blew,.singing with the song, tales of PHOO BEAR.. Then in the afternoon after Mum had listened to workers playtime from some factory or manufacturing base, Mum would listen, and I would fall asleep to ‘woman’s hour’ Very invigorating for someone under 10 years old.
    Then children’s hour, and various stories, the news bulletin at 17.00, and then Dan Dare [Journey into space], followed by ‘Dick Barton’ special agent, then it was time with Mum and Dad and sisters before bedtime?/
    Now it is morning I am awake but not with it???? I have been dreaming!!!
    What a friend and companion steam radio is was, my youthful days at sea again the BBC world service and voice of America were my companions.
    I did not buy a transistor radio and with its shortwave reception until at sea until the Port of Aden in 1964, and then it was the ‘BEATLES

  5. just to jogg that memory in 1945/6 we lived in the dales, and I remember crossing the fields from the house to ‘Dick Blades’ house with a wet cell battery which was the power unit for the steam radio, and dick would recharge the cell

  6. Thursday 30 Jan, just finished watching my recordings of last nights TV Political Programmes Andrew Niell and Robert Preston, and while informative, I still note the subject of the ”NEXT elected leader of the UK Labour Party”’ is being discussed???
    What a shambles the deputy shadow ???? Minister-a lady is unsure why the labour party lost the election, and the north does not have the same problems as the south-London where the minister is an MP. Influence has to be in London, not the vote of the people, and those looking for work-where the manufacturing towns of the north have lost the major, mining and textile industrial workplaces. Mr Mandleson was more pragmatic and Labour with Jeremies agenda, appreciates Labour has to sprout vision and wings in Scotland and the North and UK in general, and become a potential power house to vote for?? A True opposition and common sense to BODJ and his policies for the UK Nation on the whole!
    WE need as a nation to be united and have some common sense, compassion and balance in the political future for the good of the UK as a whole!!!
    COME ON ALL YOU POLITICIANS Guide us through ‘BREXIT’ with common sense and a feeling of Honour! BODJ do the jig and dance the tune?

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