£Trillion Mattress

The elderly are literally sleeping on a pile of money !!!!!!     As I said in my post last week it is estimated to be trillions of pounds.   But, there is a problem, how do you get your hands on it because for most people it is tied up in the value of their house.    The mortgage may be paid off and the house will almost certainly have increased significantly  in value, but, you will never see any of your increased wealth unless you can cash it in ☹️  There’s the catch 22, your asset rich, but income poor.

You could do a deal with a sharp-suited, fast-talking equity release adviser.   They are probably going to get much more money out of your house than you will.

Your relatives may be anticipating a happy send off  and the tax man will be holding out for his share.  Smiles all round when your finally in the ground 😀

So don’t delay, liquidate your assets and make a dash for the cash.

Your next issue will be what to do with the dosh ?     No point in putting
cash in bank they pay next to no interest and pretty soon they will charge you for looking after it.
Nobody else wants cash either in this new cashless society.      Even burglars don’t want it, it’s to heavy to carry away.   They only accept credit cards these days 😎

One bold option would be to go live in a 5 star hotel and at least go out in style —— for a while.     Use up all your cash, max out all you credit cards and then pop your clogs.

Burglars, bank managers, the tax man and equity release salesmen will all be gravely disappointed, but at least your relatives will know you had a happy send off.

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3 Responses to £Trillion Mattress

  1. What a ”blog”? what does one do as an oldie???
    This or at least part of the storyline takes me back to my earlier career, woring in central London. I stayed in digs at the time in Hiily Fields, near Blackheath-Before I arranged my digs, my company booked me into what was then a middle class hotel pn Blackhealth, and here is the point of my story.
    ”Staying as permanent residents where a number of local eldely Blackheath citizens, they had previously lived in a rent property or house in Blackheath: They in the choice hotel, had chosen to be near too there ‘root’, be in a warm safe place, have 3 meals a day, and at the table have the opportunity to converse in friendly conversation, or in the lounge at night. The hotel took care of the room, and the local laundry service took care of their personal washing items,” Now in later life and when I was expected to retire, I meet the angelic ‘JOHN’ beefing on about a retirement village. I was enthused and enrolled in this way of life! and as I reflect on my time in London, and in digs in ”Hilly Fields” and the hotel in Blackheath, I just wonder have I missed anything, for a style of life where I have,-security, warmth, the ability to seek 3 meals a day, companionship ,and most importantly support. All this at an affordable cost? However I am happy with my choice, and very pleased that there was a ‘RETIREMENT VILLAGE” to select for my lifestyle in my elderly years, as I feel the benevolence of that Hotel Owner in Blackheath, was a one off.

  2. Fact> the original hotel and grounds in Blackheath, became/sold to become an embassy for a foreign nation { off communist beliefs], and the original owner bought an older hotel on Blackheath-opposite the church? I was a resident in both hotel sites under the same ownership {1975? period].

  3. Here we are at BODJ Circus once more, and et the foot of the table reading all that high brow intelligentsia paperwork, and documents of utter information: I may have passed this remark before, years ago;- But hey it has taken my fancy? Has the world changed since I took to writing with my quill pen, and inane thoughts? I wonder?
    Wiseowl said the old buzzard
    ‘Depressed Birds’ Well I never said the wise old owl: who is this ‘’old buzzard’’ what is he feeling?? or playing with [ its all in the memory bank or mind ? somewhere]. Has this old buzzard tweeting so amorously about sewage plants/insects/prozac, and the ruination of ones personal sex life, most concerned of what was? If only? He can remember?
    The research piece by York University I will have to search Out, as I am intrigued by ‘how long does a starling have a sex life?? am I for instance missing out on that ‘UREAKA moment’’ of passion? All I can do these days is read, consider, and then comment: such that what are our academics studying with the fees they collect form the pupils attending their academic halls of intelligence/information??
    PS it is all shonet sir, and I am wetting myself with anticipation? The government?? we we vote for the enlighten souls, they are our—- souls/ Please wash your hands,as the IZAL toilet paper used to advise.
    I am off to trace this little know bit of research by the bugermisters of York, bye

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