£Trillion Young Helpers

With older people’s new found wealth, the most obvious thing to do is to offer them  a little help whenever they need it.   So how about a scheme to employ young people to help older people to forge greater understanding and empathy between generations.

Not altogether unlike conscription used to be years ago,   Two years of service to the Country.    The £ Trillion Helpers would be paid £10 / hour which is higher than the minimum wage for people under 25 to recognise the valuable community work they will be doing.    It would either be 20 hours a week for two years or it could be fast-tracked to one year if they helped two different householders.

This would ultimately be paid for by the older people by increased inheritance tax, so the scheme would cost the Government nothing in the long term.      Indeed it will probably save the Country money by having happier and healthier older people,

Effectively this would provide a significant transfer of wealth between generations. If every young person gave 1,000 hours of assistance a year for two years at £10/hour, that could go towards paying off £20,000 their student debt.    Twelve million older people would be contributing £240 million to the economy every year.   Only young people entering the armed forces would be exempt.    Young people in full-time education should do their assistance period before going into university so that they could learn something about life first.

  • Gardens would be tidier and young people could learn how to grow vegetables.
  • Young people could up-skill their older companions on using computers and any other gadgets they can’t use,
  • The young assistants would be taught all the basic household skills including cooking, cleaning, washing and ironing clothes.
  • Together they could build a “ Book of Life” charting the lifetime of experience of the older person.
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2 Responses to £Trillion Young Helpers

  1. Ah!!! a repy is coming, so am I??

  2. Olderyounger ideas.
    The ‘’Blog’’ above is very noble and thought provoking! It makes a lot of sense.
    I am sat in my easy chair and just wonder ‘Where do all the oldies have their monies, are they in property- the home, investments and pensions {Income}, or rent, and the cost of living?
    Again what is the ‘’average disposable income’’ of all the today’s pensioners in the UK.
    While one would encourage the younger generations to help and assist the oldies, for all the social and economic reasons/arguments, one as an oldie has to face reality and the future a they may envisage it? For instance- I wish to postulate the imponderables:- below,
    1/- The future, what is the average death age in the UK {all persons}-is death predictable?
    2/- Do we each see this as a milestone, and an economic to be future proofed against general conditions within ones UK locality;
    A we we each exceed the average age of death milestone?
    B will the cost of living be in excess in the future of ones asserts? [property/income-savings/rent], poll tax RPI as price increases are judged against?.
    C Will our individual health hold, will we need health and social support as individuals? Will we loose mobility- or become in-firmed?
    D Will the UK Tax regieme and health and social support be benevolent towards age, or the permanently in-firmed?
    C will those on retirement/pensions be in the majority of the UK population?

    3/- To add to these conundrums is the unforeseen problems with the UK’s future as we enter ‘BREXIT’, and for us all everyone of us old/young and younger, will the UK economy remain stable.
    AS a responsible ‘OLDIE’ is to remain independent as far as possible from the state (UK), but with a compassionate and social attitude towards all those who endeavour to be honest/hard working and socially responsible for ones family, leading by example, where possible? One can only achieve what is practical, and I trust that the Government of the Day, ‘’act responsibly and do not sell us all down the River’’’ for that article called money at a profit?
    4/- What do we all do??? what are you going to do?? answers on a postcard please to the usual address!!!.

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