Coronapop Street

The new soap opera starts today” CORONAPOP STREET “.    This follows on from Prime Minister Bodj’s first wise decision, which is to cancel his daily TV broadcasts.   They just got him into trouble all the time and none of his Ministers could answer any questions with a straight face.

The LAST LAUGH LOONEY PARTY  will write the script and pull all the strings behind the scenes.    This immediately means Dominic Cummings will become a knight and if the Queen doesn’t cut his head off when she appoints him, he will become Sir Dominic Goings. 🤡

The rest of the Cabinet will be quarantined for fourteen days, while the LLLP decides what to do with them.     While they are locked away, they will receive statutory sick pay and free food parcels.    Unfortunately it may take the civil service a while to organise the payments and food deliveries 🤡    Oh! and we may not be able to track and trace them ever again 🤡     But we are working on it tirelessly, honest 🤡

There are two other quick decisions Bodj can make during this first episode.   Firstly to sack Gav “the child” Williamson, for his short distinguished service as Education Secretary, he has been sent back to primary school to grow up.
The second disappointment  will be to get rid of Theresa Coffey, who was Minister of something she couldn’t remember.   But also for having a name like Coffey during a pandemic.

SIR CAPTAIN TOM will be the first appointment to the new cabinet.   He will be Minister for Sport and be in charge of getting the nation fit again 🤡🏃🏽‍♂️

Secondly MARKUS RASHFORD will be asked to join on a free transfer, because there will be no more silly football behind closed doors for a while  🤡⚽️

There will be more appointments and disappointments in the next episode🤡


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2 Responses to Coronapop Street

  1. response to a soap opera?
    Bubbles, I am passing wind just now: Please excuse me! the air or is it the ‘AYRE’ is scented, as the conductor, calls all members of the chamber music together to ensure the audience can enjoy a well coordinated serious orchestrated musical work of art??? It is all in the wind???.
    Whether the new production of BODJ and his ‘cohorts’ may wish for is another decision as we the patient public, must wait and see, and understand, any points that may be made in ‘Hind Sight’, as BODJ as always has promised a sincere and truthful moratorium, to discuss what maybe he and his government have not understood, and to explain how the British Public have mis-read or miss-understood the decision they have ! about their elected government.??? So Blame if there is any is equally shared, between us all.

  2. Shoot-shots
    Ah! Dear! Tishoo! Tishoo! We all fall down. I see the ‘media are still bomb=blasting’ the DODJ and his / our government for the anit-body tests for this Corona Virus, are doomed to failure and misunderstanding. The story is that a positive ‘anti-body test’, does not necessary protect us/you and me?
    That is today Thursday June 25, 2020: As an alternative I have drifted to novel [STORY], by Neville Shute Titled ‘’The FAR Country’’ first published in 1952. The novel within the opening first 100 pages, has struck a chord with me personally, and I look and think hard what has changed in an idea written in 1952 about the political scene prior to 1952 and since WWII and life in the UK up until 1952.
    What intrigue me first off was the characters, and the lifestyles in the British Empire in British India, especially Burma, which during WWII we were driven out by the invading Japanese, and then by political independence for as I knew as Burma. Here I was interested in the story line that British Civil servants who served out in Burma, and on their repatriation back to the UK, faced uncertainty with respect to their personal income and pension rights, earned while in service within BURMA , [which were re-neighed upon]. The hardship is described in an UK suffering rationing and austerity; for the general population including the older civil servant from Burma, and then the storyline opens out into the choice of life in Australia, and being a £10 Pomme.
    The writer as he sets out the advantages to the young of a new way of life in a new country such as the old dominions of the British Empire {Canada/Australia/New Zealand}. Here there are or is maybe two paragraphs where the writer Neville Shute puts a then political belief to his young characters, which I firmly believe hold good today as I scribe? The country the UK is broke financially, its greatest asset is its people:not their money but their work ethic, and the greatest danger facing the younger generation in the UK is starvation, and those countries with land to grow food are the richer, and can hold the UK to ransom? The UK could not then; nor today could grow the food within its geographical boundaries to feed its own population., and then then in 1952 political view point or one of them was how to face this political problem? Neville Shute then puts forward beliefs that each young person in any country of the world, especially the UK was or is born into a nation where the elders of the state [voting public, and statesmen/women], had tried many novel ideas to solve this problem of feeding the UK and the world, amicably to the satisfaction of all nations, and their heritage was to repay the older generation, and their political beliefs, to ensure world peace. The solution was not to emigrate to a land of milk and honey so to speak, so denuding your birth land of your inheritance and giving this gift to the new nation, without repaying your birth nation. A very deep way of thinking: however the politicians of the day have to consider such ideals, and they must consider ‘’what is the future of Our Nation’’, and too some extent BODJ has still this discussion to finalise, what is to become of the UK as a nation {Independent for Wales/Scotland, and Northern Ireland}? Are we all citizens of the [free] world, with altruistic and realisation visions of the world as we know it and understand it?
    As individuals we have the power, the will and the vote: however as a nation can we survive as a Tribe {Nation}?
    BY THE WAY I AM READING A STORY????? IS IT TRUE??? What off Britex?

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