Coronapop Spend

Here’s Bodj’s new message in the next episode of CORONAPOP STREET:-

“You have all done a great job during my lockdown.  It must have been extremely difficult for those of you who were working to have to stay at home.     I know how hard it was for Dominic.   Still I hope the dosh that Chancellor Rushi Havesomemoney doled out made up for the terrible sacrifice of having to stay in during the sunny weather.

I know many of my cabinet Ministers have been tirelessly working on your behalf, travelling around in this hot summer, in their/your chauffeur driven, air-conditioned, luxury cars.    Zooming from TV studio to photo opportunity.    It has been especially hard having to learn all those stock phrases :- STAY SAFE,    STAY IN ,    STAY STILL,   PROTECT THE NHS,   PROTECT YOURSELVES,    PROTECT THE ENVIRONMENT,   SAVE THE WHALES,   LONG LIVE THE QUEEN.

Now it is almost all over and Rushi is running out of money, we have a whole brand new, world beating strategy.   We want you to forget all about Coronapop, at least for a while,  and   STAY OUT,   STAY CLOSE,    STAYCATION,   PROTECT YOURSELF WITH SUNCREAM,    PROTECT STATUES, …….. OH!   and     WASH YOUR HANDS.”

Here’s the new message for today :

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3 Responses to Coronapop Spend

  1. as ever an ongoing story, while sat on the loo, wondering and fingering the toilet paper!!! D0 I use the next sheet to wipe away a tear or two, or wipe my backside, and flush my hard earned money/savings down the loo??? Or do I smile as BODJ will put my pension rights and assets on a guaranteed sojourn??

  2. Is the ‘in word’ -”Furlough”, I forgot with all this chuntering about BODJ and the LLLP. Alleluia until tomorrow, when the sun may shine again on us all, as children in the park, enjoying Mummy’s and daddy’s picnic as we may have wishes granted by BODJ and his ladies and gentlemen ‘Cohorts of Westminster” That Palace of Intrigue, honesty and Knowledge? for the good off all of us!!! Hurrah???

  3. I feel like an evangelist this morning? May I help you choke over your breeke wheat? I am discarding yesterdays newspaper in the bin ‘mail on sunday’, and part of the newsprint caught my eye, where it was suggested the religious house-Churches/chapels/synagogues and other houses of worship should remove statues, not politically or ethically correct? This was suggested as a panacea to end all the unrest, in the Uk at the moment, and we should kneel to a greater ideal, not that we are British, and have a history, but to acknowledge colour prejudice.
    It is a difficult pill to swallow, I cannot answer for my forefathers, or the history of the human race.
    Who, in fact has a cleaner history when it comes to colour, class and creed ??? How does one treat ones own?? Or educate the society into which one is born?
    Must one have hatred and revenge or forgiveness for ignorant behaviour in thought word and deed.
    Answers on a post card Please?? we all have our faults and we must all live within this greater world of ours, which nation you, or one may be born into????
    Am I a man? do I have religious belief’s??, Do we all accept each others differences, or live in bigotry???

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