This is the third Government department investigation by the LLLP  on behalf of Prime Minister Bodj.   All in a effort to get a grip on Government finances in the wake of Coronapop.

The Department of Education review should be straight forward because teachers have to be good about explaining things.     We had to use the 2018/19 Annual Accounts,  because they were late handing in there home work for last year !   Worse still they seem to have copied a lot of the report from other Departments.   Their’s is also full of “world beating” and “cross-cutting” language.   This is not a very good start.

THE FACTS   :-   Total spend was around £ 107 billion.

  • total employees ????? Is nowhere to be found
  • 3.3 million pupils in secondary school,  4.7 million in primaries.
  • 452,000 teachers.  That’s about 16 pupils per teacher which is a lot lower than l thought.     So there must be something wrong with the teachers counting.
  • £45 billion is core funding for schools.  So where’s all the rest gone.  Perhaps the are not very good at arithmetic at the Department of Education.


  • All pupils should be able to read, write and do basic maths before the leave school,  also they need basic IT skills.
  • Education standards have fallen over the years
  • Educational bureaucracy is tying down teachers
  • Teachers should be free to teach and inspire, and be fired if they don’t.
  • Universities are full of overpaid part time lecturers and vices chancellors
  • Trade Apprenticeships should be grant funded and made equivalent to degrees.

So here is the LLLP script for Bodj’s first TV quiz:-

After an extensive review of their work, I still don’t know what my Department of Education does.     So my question for tonight is :-  “Should I abolish the central Government body altogether and use the money to employ more teachers, give IPads to every pupil and pay down the Coronapop debt ?”


Keep them   —- 5%

Sack them    —— 95%

Projected Coronapop Saving   £ 107 billion.

Thats the end of tonight’s programme, we would like to thank the Secretary of State  — Gavin Williamson —for resigning so quickly🤡e

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  1. o’ hells bells there is a hole in my sock [Or this argument?] I am tainted by my life times experience, and this coming September 2020 is a water shed on reason, and resourcefulness.
    First the primary children,? How do the parents of those children under 11 years old, find both the time to earn a n honest living, and yet be at home to welcome their children, or in fact take them to school? are we saying now equal opportunities for all sexes {alternate life styles] where there is one major bread winner, and the other is a professional, and a parental childminder.Or does all schools up to the age of 11 become firstly a child nursery and secondary a place or education. Here ain is a mine field social distancing has declared all schools of insufficient physical space to teach the class numbers of 25-30 pupils within in the same physical confines of a class room, we either have to adjust the hours of face to face teachings, or build new school buildings/class rooms or employ at the same time more teachers to ensure that the teacher to pupil/student ratio for one to one tuition is beneficial to both the pupil/student teacher??
    All children should be encouraged to understand the written and spoken word of the national language by 8 years, and from that age encouraged to think freely and be able to express themselves coherently, with confidence, what they are thinking and meaning, with responsibly. This is important in school after the age of 11, and to understand what they write and communicate on the modern web sites, social net web sites, being a responsible person as they approach the GCE/A level 15/6 year ofl exams.
    As said Education is in turmoil. No school, no teachers no sense? senseless like the LLLP

  2. ‘’Who am I?’’
    I am sat on my coloured polka-dot toadstool, am I the man wishing things could be different, or am I a ‘Fairy’ in fantasy land? I just wonder? Wait I see a guiding light, maybe I am a politician, or an admirer of the Last laugh Loonie Party [LLLP].
    Dear John has invested time, and lots of thought in the outcome of the Governments, sorry BODJ,s educational policies.
    What intrigues me today as a member of the ‘Ragamuffin Society ‘ of the LLLP, is the conundrum of end of term examinations, for those sitting Higher Education Qualifications such as ‘’A’’ Level examinations and the culmination in all those letters of the alphabet a to e, and their combined meaning in acceptance at a university of ones choice! Enabling one to follow the studies of in depth learning, leading to a gainful life’s career as a wage earner?
    At my delicate age in later life at 77, I reflect on the state educational system in my day, and wonder have we moved forward as a society, and learnt anything from life?
    There was the primary school, then the 11+ examination for a grammer school place-Even then the dice was cast as only a certain number of grammer school places were available hence the top percentage of student [academically] were offered a place [they could turn it down if they so wished, for any reason]. These students went on to 16+ and were expected to be the students who in the majority went to university.
    The remainder went on to secondary school, and at 13+ took an entrance examination for the local technical school, educated in applied subjects of science/engineering/ office work/catering and pre nursing. Again places for technical schools were limited, and only the top percentage of those who had achieved a pass mark in the examinations were offered a place. Again they had the option to turn down the offer. These children were streamed in maybe a maximum of 5 subjects at GCE ‘O’ Level [OR EQUIVALENT], encouraged to take up apprenticeships, and positions of a craft when they left school at 16 years.
    The remaining children at the secondary school at leaving age 15 years left school to work in the local industries and shops, factories etc, with if they wished the opportunity to take higher level post educational examinations, at one or two nights per week at night school.
    We all had to fight either for or both employment and continuous employment, Some were late developers and the rough and tumble of industry-the work place, was in some cases more educational than at 18 going into a straight college or university life style as is the apparent wish of the modern political society.
    The bigger question who or whom are the future employers of our children, and what career opportunities can they offer? It is the person or persons with whom one works for or works with that make life rewarding? It is satisfying not to be sanctimonious, or have a head in the clouds attitude, one has to be honest not with others, but with one self!
    Does life teach you this question? The desire for a leg up in attending a university of academic learning at 17+ is a step? How one uses it needs wisdom: That comes with Life, and the guidance our leaders may offer.
    Remember one is not forgotten, and an honest days learning or work at what ever level? Does not go un-noticed, by those who may appreciate ones talents- CHIN UP! SMILE.

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