TV No Longer Free.

This was the title of two blog posts I wrote almost 2 years ago.   ( You can see them by clicking on October 2018 in the Archive).

The difference was that the title was followed with a question mark,  because at that time they were just thinking about it.
The honest truth is they wanted to do it, but didn’t have the brass neck to face the public with their real intention.      So they pretended to consult them , even though they never intended to take any notice of the result.     The consultation was done with the veiled threat that without a charge for the licence fee, they would have to close BBC2, BBC3 and BBC4.     Unfortunately many elderly people didn’t even realise that they had BBC3 and BBC4 😀, nor did they watch BBC2 that much.

Now two years on, under the cover of Coronapop, the BEEB have quietly announced that they will have to charge the over 75’s to watch TV.    Politicians are equally quietly keeping their heads down, so that they can stay silent on the subject.     Even though they really wanted to do this themselves.

So from the start of August,  if your over 75 you will receive a threatening letter through the post demanding £157.50.    It will have a simple 16 page letter explaining why it is so absolutely critical to keep all channels of BBC communication open at this time of crisis.     Behind it are threats of sending in the “heavys” if you don’t cough up.        If that doesn’t work, there is always prison.

This is the new kind, caring Auntie.


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2 Responses to TV No Longer Free.

  1. Hio! Silver! as the Lone ranger would say as his horse rears up neighing all over the place? This story is a little ‘gem’ and requires understanding from this eldely gent of 77 living in a retirement village; For instance is this a blanket NO, and we all pay up? or is there a maybe alternative solution.

  2. Just taking the licencing arrangements of the BBC, and the visual electronic media within the UK, needs a little shuffling of feet, maybe, and an understanding of what is an immediate Government information channel is about, and its ability , not to respond daily but within the half hour of a world, or national event or catastrophe, with not words and scenes of bewilderment, but thoughts and positive actions, to protect the nations population.
    A side line to this is entertainment for home consumption of the British people to encourage them or help to encourage them to watch listen and learn, with enjoyment.
    The other string to the bow is a broadcasting system that it can issue on a world wide basis in all time zones the well being and beliefs factual of the British Government.
    One may answer ”neigh! Neigh! laddie what a load of horse manure,: However when travelling this world one needs and must have cornerstones of truths and ideals: Here we all as a world population have different beliefs, and languages, and our BBCRadio/ TV and other broadcasting has to be honest, simple to understand and in a plain tongue so to speak, so there is no room in an emergency for misunderstandings.
    A simple request, but may be complex to attain, when we as BRITS have spoken languages, never mind dialects in many tongues of Europe and our British Commonwealth of Nations.
    In modern parlance the written world has gone to the world wide web and the ‘twitter language of the worldwide web and its tweets? What for a question is the common language? Russian/mandarin/.Japanese/ Afrikaans/Spanish/Portuguese/French, or English?
    I ask what do you believe in in your moments of thought. How does one interpret ate the thoughts good and evil, that may circulate this world of ours?? Besides the common denominator of ‘GOLD’

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