Saving Britain from bankruptcy is now an urgent task for Prime Minister Bodj.    His squabble of the rabble of Cabinet Ministers, who have proved poor support for Bodj continues.    So now he has turned to the Last Laugh Looney Party to dig him out of the Coronapop financial hole they have got him into.
He will sit back and WAIT for the LLLP to come up with some ideas to get him re-elected as Saviour President of all the UK … forever and ever.

     Endlessly looking through Government Annual Reports will not inform you of very much, it will just wear you down.    Government information is anything but informing.   Even the Office of National Statisticssays as much.
So the LAST LAUGH LOONEY PARTY will adopt a different approach.

Every Friday night Prime Minister Bodj will host a TV programme, which will consult the people on how a Government Department should spend or not spend their (the peoples) money.     Voting will be done live in town halls,  village halls, theatres, pubs, bingo halls and sports stadiums all over the UK.       Everyone will have to be socially distanced or there will  be another surge of Coronapop.     However masks will nor be worn so that voters can be identified.
The results will be feedback instantly and the decisions will  be effective immediately.    Any Departmental redundancies will be handed out in the following week.
The LLLP does not recommend the use of on-line voting because of concerns of Russian or Chinese hacking.    Civil servants will be banned from voting on their own departments expenditure.   Politicians will also be banned from voting on anything, because they have had their chance and failed🤡

Questions for the programmes will be devised by the LLLP after a quick scan though the Depart Annual Reports.   If this leads to any misconceptions, the civil servants will wish they had written clearer reports🤡      There seem to be 18 Departments, although nobody is quite sure.    It is possible that some have got lost in a Cabinet reshuffle.      That means the TV series will last about for four or five months and then we may move to a second series unless the football starts again with spectators instead of cardboard cut-outs.

The first Department to face the Inquisition will be selected by a class of five year olds who are fed up not being at school.     They arbitrarily picked ……THE DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION.

                         See the first episode in the next post.

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2 Responses to LLLP INVESTIGATION…. continues

  1. what an experience? I am on my holls, wedding anniversary in Devon, enjoying the seaside, masks, shopping and the clap trap of lockdown. Where is this Lost Loonie going of this the ‘ragamuffin society of the LLLP:: I am out of my shell to enjoy I trust 5 minutes from al lthis BODJ and government enforcement of Corona Virus? Where do I go? even the loo I need a mask on, and his nibs-William wanker, needs to be watched, what a situation, no writing on the walls that Kill roy was here, and percy is put back in his place, with no comment.
    I am still worried? about all these government gifts and free spending. I am to some extent christmas shopping early, with all the offers in the sea side shops. I am a spendthrift. CU all later when the LLLP have had their summer away day and party political meeting, Cheers. A Lunatic
    david freeman

  2. nothing to report, out of touch with society, long live the LLLP,

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