After Coronapop ?

For the past six months and probably for at least six more our heads have been full of Coronapop.   All forms of media have had their attention grabbed by the virus worldwide.    The world has been on hold,     We have been digging ourselves into a deeper and deeper financial hole.
Many people think we will go back to “normal” when it’s all over.    Somehow we will pay all the debts off.    Recovery will just happen automatically.    Growth will return and we will carry on as before, as if nothing had happened.

I don’t think it will be that simple.   Power has shifted from West to East.   America is in turmoil in the run up to the Presidential election and regardless of who wins,  they are up to their neck in debt with their equity market massively over valued.   A crash will be coming sooner or later.     They have fires raging, are still gas guzzling and yet Trump is still in climate change denial.
China is already flexing its muscles in Hong Kong.   It will soon start pulling financial levers in other areas .   It has begun to squeeze Australia.    In a weakened world, who is next?

Coronapop is a temporary distraction which has  made the future economic outlook worse for all but the very rich.    Both individuals and countries.

The UK is in reality, a small player on the world scene even though we went into this Coronapop crisis as the worlds fifth largest economy.    We have been living on past glories for far too long and now we will be much weakened by our indebted economy.

There are lessons in the Coronapop experience,  which if we are prepared to face up to them and challenge some of our out-dated habits, could point to a  bright new future.    The key question is :- “ Are we prepared to face up to the new way and do we have the leaders to guide us forward .”

The Last Laugh Looney Party highlighted some of the issues in it’s tong in cheek review of current Government expenditure and of the bloated structure of Government, including the Civil Service.      Nothing short of a fresh start on both fronts will enable us to rise from the Coronapop ashes.

So my next series of posts will chart a potential route to a better future 🤡🌈

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3 Responses to After Coronapop ?

  1. the music has stopped, the ‘waltzer” is packed away, and the ”SAlly ARmy” may be rejoicing! But as a citezen what do I have to offer or put into the collection plate/box? My thoughts? They are with John as I play my one note ‘jewish Harp’ and ask what next?????

  2. Just alook around during corononpop, we need the LLLP for sense?
    Dear Oh! Dear Oh! Dear, I paid my 70p for the morning Daily Mail, trusting I would be informed, educated and entertained. Alas my day was one of utter confusion.
    The Paper from page 1 to page 21, contained articles of dower reading?
    The lead sentences were:-
    We can not afford the future after Corvid-19.
    Illegal wars, and the battles our forces fight on behalf of our political masters, who now wish to question the rights of engagement in an authorised campaign.
    Prince Harry getting involved in American Political view Points.
    The next 6 months lockdown for the UK economy is illegal.
    Archbishop Of Canterbury {WELBY} stating the old and lonely are the major losers in this CORVID-19.
    Loans from the Chancellor after Furlough finishes. A different emphasis on industrial/commercial support.
    How much can the UK Nation Borrow.
    The track and trace policy may be a reality after 4 months of delay.
    We need happiness and mid time, open the theatres.
    NHS Diagnosing ailments are 50% down on normal hospital, and medical practice due to COROVID-19.
    Mixing indoors in family groups of 6 maybe less, and penalties, prosecution and fines to pay?
    The Prime Minister Boris having trouble with his scientist/economists and political companions.
    Sweden has a higher death rate from CORVID-19, Not necessary an unrealistic figures, when compared with annual deaths from colds and influenza?
    Britex the moribund traffic expected in the Kent Ports.
    Boris having a hard time

    Then we have sport and cricket, and the BAME claims of inequality throughout the sport, at county level League 1 & 2 and the England national team?? A danerous perception, when one considers maybe the club and Sunday league non professional teams, where some of these players start their career, this in not football on an international money and transfer market? It is still a national game and not a money spinner, or is it.
    Last subject what is an OPOIDS, no definition, just a side comment, a taker is on the way to hard drugs? Maybe.
    As I say a bum read, not much to enlighten the mind, and join in a debate of some wonderful future for the Nation.

  3. wonderment???? a thought or 2?
    It was wonderful to see and read the successful flight of the Hydrogen/electric plane from the Cranfield University Research Centre. QUITE an achievement, and on a budget more realistic for the commercial air industry. For international flights while the effluent is green friendly, the actual refueling and servicing of a fleet of the worlds airlines will require some novel engineering and clear and precise servicing/policy agreements on an international level. Good cheer!
    The other problem, or” fly in the ointment” is the advertisements in the last week on the TV commercial channels is that of ‘RAW MILK’ and its promotion of a must have a food fluid, for those suffering from lacto intolerance! This at my age [77] makes my hair curl, and in my youth, and my parents message of consuming milk products which have ”NOT” been ”pasteurized”, and then then in the 50/60/70’s tuberculosis illness and the life in a sanatorium- These tails were frightening enough in my younger life! and the thought now of raw milk from cows, of unknown origin {abroad-international EU: and at Home in the UK, scare the pants off me.

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