Waiting for Bodj.

This post follows on from my last one, where Bodj has sacked his whole Cabinet, all the MP’s and the House of Lords.      So it is going to be quite quiet in Westminster for a change.     While he waits for Coronapop to pass the second wave and for the Brexit deadline to reach the eleventh hour resolution, all he can do is wait.

In the meantime he has gathered around him his few remaining friends :-   Colonel Tom, who can advise him about raising money; Markus Rashford, who knows what it is like to be hard up and not go to Eaton; the Last Laugh Looney Party, who can see through the Government red tape and Coco, who is a Cockerpoo with more sense than all of Bodj’s previous Ministers.

This band of brothers has to figure out the manifesto for the forthcoming general election and Bodj will broadcast it to the nation in a series of 8 pm fireside chats.   There won’t be and TV debates because that Keyhole Stammer is a bit to sharp for his own good and Nicky Sturgeon is a bit fishy.     As for the other two —- well who are they?

We are going to talk about security, health and education.   Plus technology and climate change.

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1 Response to Waiting for Bodj.

  1. A Vote, or is it a wish?
    The chairman of the LLLP, and his as mentioned honest persons wishes for a truthful political HOUSE OF commons, backed by the House of Lords: The Westminster Parliament? Where does BODJ go from here?? He has 4+ more years to bend our ears and tempt our pockets to financially support his Conservative Party, should one believe monies will bring about a change in mind and heart for the nation UK & NI?
    I have retired to my throne room, and contemplate, my future as a citizen? Earning an honest living, spending my hard earned pension, and then of beliefs and ideals I must face as a pensioner in this nation of ours. I note as the LLLP do I have to enter a witches coven, have a seance, and watch the cards as they fall telling me my fortune?
    WHETHER I comment, sometimes in an abstract form, or supportive manner, I am totally feed up of the lack of direction, by all the political parties in Westminster? They all individually speak of consideration of the individual voter, and the benefits they may offer: However in my mind they are lost, and offer no sincerity, for what they can achieved collectively as a parliament?
    It remains for the likes of the Last Laugh Loonie Party to propose an informed national political Policy!!!
    I can only offer pointers and an informed wish, Government with all its financial, commercial, and diplomatic connections, may have a more in depth viewpoint.
    Some pointers:-
    1-Defence: Can the UK & NI survive as an independent nation, or does it need international agreements?
    2-THE Question of whether current USA American internal policies, especially ‘BAME’, are accepted on the international stage? Not the current internal USA view point, but the current worldwide media on the subject? For instance who or what is a nation, race/creed? As a universe we all need to survive, and be respectful to each others beliefs, which are not bigoted or insincere to each of us as citizens of this universe.
    3-Following on from ‘BAME’ is the European Union, a safe harbour for the UK & NI?
    4-WE as a nation UK & NI are held to ransom allegedly for being asked to pay an unequal amount to support the European Union of Nations.
    Those are the major issues which concern me. Closer to Home is the current CORVID-19 epidemic, and the recovery of an economic Nation [UK & NI], not just ENGLAND, the political power in Westminster appears to be divided into the different nations within the UK & NI, and I question how do we survive? And do we have to have land and sea boarders between the individual nations of the UK & NI. For instance what is our major money earning companies within the UK & NI, can they survive, and what off the new industries such as we based Technology based conglomerates? Is the major share holders the UK based registered companies, and answerable to British Law, or international law, of an offshore company. From this is the City of London an anachronism, with its stock exchange, banking system, and legal system? Question are we too parochial for this modern world.Do we as a country of nations need to belong to a larger social group such as the European Union or the USA?
    Does the United Nations need to be given more influence in dealing within the world of commerce???
    AS I say a LOONIE at Large? Is he going to escape? I wonder??

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